Send My Hubby Out…

To run errands with the kids, he comes home with a MAJOR Mother’s Day present. It’s big and red and a Yamaha. They bought me my own four-wheeler. Wow! I like it! ;o)

While they were gone, I spent 75 minutes for my long workout on the DREADMILL. (It is freezing out today and we woke up to snow on the ground!) I did 5.57 miles! I am totally patting myself on the back for this one!! That is the longest I have ever done on a treadmill! I am SO HAPPY I did it and got it done! Yay!!

Averie informed us the other day that Kane had “The Movie” at school last week. You know, THE movie. He was mortified and grossed out. I can’t believe we have a kid that old already!! Time flies. At least he doesn’t have to see the “girl movie” until next year! Hah!
Happy Weekend!
  • Erin

    You are such a spoiled mom. I don’t remember ever seeing THE movie in school? Do they still have the changing program?

  • *Lissa Joy*

    He wasn’t really to into answering our questions about it. ;o)