More Florida Ramble!

I am slowly trudging through my millions of pictures from the last few weeks, bear with me!

So here are the details of our last-minute getaway… We drove to 7 hours to Minneapolis to catch our plane -anything from airports around here was so unreasonably-priced. Flew into Miami since it was one of the “cheapest” places with our vacation package. We rented a minivan and drove across Florida to Ft. Myers and from there we drove the causeway to Captiva Island. We stayed at the South Seas Resort.

The resort was beautiful. We had a 3 Bdrm, 3 Ba, bayside villa. All the kids had their own beds and had a full-size kitchen with a dishwasher. And a washer and dryer. I don’t think I could ever go on vacation and stay in a regular hotel again. It was so awesome being able to return home with clean clothes and being able to cook meals instead of always eating out. Awesome housekeeping service as well.

Line from B at the hotel: “Mom, hurry up and put your gift card in the door!”

The beaches were great. We spent hours and hours playing in the ocean and snorkeling. We saw dolphins, manatees, and came home with tons of seashells. The waves were a little rough our last day there and millions of little fish kept getting washed up which kind of FREAKED ME OUT. I am not joking either. Millions. Look at this picture closely. Those black dots are FISH. Ew.

We rented a pontoon one day and took it out around the islands. See other Florida post for details. I highly recommend that, just don’t anchor it where there is rough surf. ;o)

All the reviews I had read about the resort said to buy groceries instead of eating on the resort or buying food there, so we stopped in Ft. Myers and shopped there. There is also a great little general store on Sanibel Island called Bailey’s.

We ate at The Harbor Pointe on the resort for dinner one night -great food, very expensive, very stuffy. I wasn’t impressed with our waiter. He was a little stuck-up. How was I supposed to know they didn’t serve ranch for the kids to dip their chicken in?! ;o)

Instead, I recommend going here: The Island Cow. Much more family-oriented and laid-back, yet excellent food. Justin had the snapper and it was excellent. I had grouper which wasn’t bad either. His was just better.

There were cool little island shops all over the place. The most interesting one we found was on Sanibel and it had shells and fossils and all kinds of old artifacts. Very cool. I wish I could remember the name.

The resort has Kids Clubs and lots of activities for children- we just never really had time to look into it. We never even made it to the swimming pools we were so busy in the ocean!!


As far as the airline, we flew American Airlines. The flight attendants were awesome and went over their typical service to make sure our kids were taken care of. Definitely pleased with that.

I was not too impressed with the Miami airport. It was very unorganized. And we hated driving in Miami traffic. Worse than most big cities we have been in. I think I would definitely try a different airport destination next time!

Overall, it was a great vacation and I would recommend it for anyone -families, couples, friends…

  • Jay and Mea

    Looks like you guys had a great time! Now it’s back to the Real World. Blah!!

  • Minivan Mom

    Looks gorgeous! So glad you guys had a great time.

    I need to get in the mentality that I will have to go to Florida for beach vacations. Growing up on the beach in Rhode Island, it’s foreign to me to have to travel and stay in a hotel for a beach vacation – seems so wrong! :) But living in landlocked Texas (and don’t let anyone tell you the “beaches” in Texas are beaches) I will have to consider traveling to Florida for beach vacations.