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On a sad note, I have learned that another one of my 1996 Jerome High School classmates has passed away. To Davina’s family and friends, you are in my thoughts.

The kids had their open house for elementary school this morning and I think I may start having a panic attack just thinking about having four kids in school and the amount of homework and papers we will be dealing with on a daily basis. I need a system. I need to be organized. I need….help!

  • The Epps Family

    It’s a reality check when one of your classmates passes. It’s hard to swallow. We all still seem so young, how can this stuff happen?

  • Sandi

    Good luck getting organized. It has taken me a long time to get it figured out. I go through the papers and anything that we have duplicates of we put in the recycle bin. Everything that needs immediate attention gets done right away. Everything else goes into the kids cubbies. I bought 2 of the office organizers that have 3 slots each and mounted them to the wall and that is where all of the papers go. That way the kids know where they are supposed to put their things and they are not all over the house and see important papers.(I can send a pic if u want.) Hope this helps a little.

  • Alice Jane

    Hey, when you say “another” of our classmates have passed away…who else? I am kinda out of the loop on some of that stuff.

  • Two blessings from above

    I know the feeling. I hate all the homework that comes with the kids being in school.
    Sorry to hear about your classmate.