I went to the parent’s meeting for K’s football team tonight. This is where they pick up their equipment and weigh-in and such. We were told that kids under 70 lbs couldn’t play tackle football, so we have been trying to “fatten” Kane up this week since he has been hovering just below that. So after stuffing him for lunch and supper, he weighed in at 70.6 on our home scale right before we left. I warned him not to use the bathroom! ;o) His “official” weight was 71 lbs. Now we just have to go shopping for a nut cup, EW!

Miss A will also be cheerleading for this football league. She has her first practice tomorrow. She was totally working it at this meeting full of boys -practicing touching her toes, splits, etc. I am not so sure I want her to partake in this activity anymore at this age!!

Twins conversation I overheard today:

“I wish I could pinky-swear God that I love him.”

“Yeah, me too.”


  • Anonymous

    Very cute pics & adorable conversation!!


  • The Epps Family

    Too cute. What fun!

  • Sandi

    About the whole “nut cup” thing…Isn’t that why they have dads? To take them to buy that kind of stuff? Tyler watched the infamous 5th grade coming of age video when his dad was conveniently out of town and I had to try to explain everything to him. It was not easy. I think that it sounded very text book. I preferred the talk with Kayla; I know that stuff. Doesn’t it just scare the shit out of you when your kids start flirting. I am so for the whole locking my kids in their rooms until they are 18 and then they are on their own. LOL

  • Adventures In Babywearing

    Oh, how sweet!!!


  • The Epps Family

    You have great taste in music. Love your playlist.