Riggin’ It

We’ve been spending the last few days with Justin out on the rig in the middle of nowhere. He’s been busy, but I managed to steal him away for a quick Photo-venture. ;o) I had a funny oilfield song for you to listen to as well, but this internet is dang slow out here. I will try and post it tomorrow!

Happy Weekend!

  • Cathy

    OMG Lissa, these pics are gorgeous…have a good time.

  • Her Eye Zone Art

    Love them all Melissa. This is an excellent batch. Color, composition and subject!

  • Crooked Eyebrow

    are these HDR?

    I love them, the colors are wonderful!

  • Mark Brooke Photographers

    ohhh my gosh these are beautiful! I love the out doors.

  • Christy M.

    Beautiful. My favorite is the old house. Amazing colors and clarity. Are you using a filter for them?

    LOVE THEM ALL! You sure do make the middle of nowhere look fun!

  • Two blessings from above

    The pictures are wonderful. Sometimes it is good to get out in the middle of nowhere. Did you get snow yesterday? I am hoping for a early winter and a early spring too.
    Enjoy the week.

  • H@ll!

    Way Cool photos! Love em’!