The roads were semi-clear on Saturday morning, so the kids and I headed out for a long weekend. I started the afternoon off at Euphoria Salon where my favorite hairstylist, Candace, rescued my roots. Nancy and my Dad watched the kids Saturday night so I could have a much-needed break from them.

I headed out with Erin to play bingo at the bar -we love our bingo!! Our friend Sarah joined us. I won $46, which split three ways = BIG MONEY! ;o) We played some blackjack after that and I am pretty sure we were the most obnoxious blackjack players ever… whooping and cheering every time we won a hand. That’s how we roll, we’re cool! We continued our night at the ‘Gon where we stuffed our drunken faces with greasy goodness. I managed to dump a pitcher of water all over our table. Oh, and did I mention I dropped my drink and broke the glass earlier in the night? Sweet.

Sunday morning, we woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Not really. Someone had the great idea that knoephla soup would cure our hangovers, so we called all the restaurants and cafes in town, but NOBODY HAD KNOEPHLA. Can you imagine?? How dare they. Instead, we had to settle for the smorg’ at Happy Joes. Nasty. I hate buffets. We were stylin’. I was wearing my sweatpants and brown boots and Erin was rocking in her sweats and stocking cap. Sarah looked pretty fancy next to us. ;o)

It was awesome to have a girls’ night… I really think I need to do that more often.

I picked up the kids (minus my daughter) and we headed out to the rig for a few days to visit with Justin. It was nice and relaxing. I love being out there and not having to worry about cleaning and cooking!

This one is for you honey… Look what was in our yard. Five of them. Don’t you dare think you are going to shoot my pet pheasants.

  • Cathy

    Lissa you sound like so much fun. I wish you were close so we could hang out. If I ever get that way I hope we can get together with the fam and have shot of jaeger..or two or three and then I’ll help ya clean house or something adult like.. like..NOT.. just kiddin. Love the pics.

  • Mommy Mo

    What cool pictures. I love the one of the cabin in the woods. And you are classy, I have no doubt.

  • The Epps Family

    Hey- I am right at 37 weeks. I know that’s usually OK, but my son was 9 days PAST 40 weeks! He was only 7 pounds, so I can’t help but wonder how little this girlie will be. How far did you get with the twins?

    Love your snow pix. Today’s high in Atlanta is 65 degrees. It’s hard to imagine snow. We got a lot of it in NC, but in GA– not so much. What’s the inside of the rig like? And who cooks for ya’ll when you’re there?

  • *Lissa*

    Cathy- That would be fun! And I’m a blast after even ONE shot of Jaeger -thats all it takes and usually I can’t remember much after that!! ;o)

  • ohana photographers-david and kimi

    those last 3 images are amazing!!!