Happy Day #2

My Dad makes me happy! He is the other most important man in my life. He is always there to support me no matter what. I consider him one of my best friends.

After my parents separated when I was very young, I grew up living in with my mom in other states and would visit my Dad during the summers and at holidays. I went on my own to college when I was 17. At age 19, I was a bit on the wild side and made some bad decisions. He took me in and didn’t hesitate to tell me he thought I was headed down the wrong path. He was there for me during my pregnancy with my daughter, and fortunately during that time I grew up and put my head on straight.

He has continued to be there for me, whether I need help with the kids, home improvement projects, need to vent, or just want advice. Most days he will call just to say, “I love you.”

My Dad would do anything to help another out. He drives into town multiple times a day just to help my Grandma with her medications and insulin shots and never complains. If he is busy with work, he will put it on hold to make she is taken care of. I have seen him go out of his way to help people in need more times than I can count.

He is the most hardworking man I know and is completely unselfish. He is truly a man to look up to.

I love my Dad!

  • H@ll!

    Such a sweet post. You have an awesome dad. Thanks for sharing!

  • Megan

    I am going to have to start reading these things in the morning BEFORE I put my makeup on.

  • Mary Marantz

    ahhh love those pictures of you guys when you were little!

  • Two Blessings From Above

    Your dad sounds like a wonderful father.

  • The Krumwiede Six

    That made me cry…

    You are so lucky to have such an amazing father…