Happy Day #6

Colorado makes me happy!! I miss it terribly! I love the weather and the plentiful abundance of cloudless, sunny days. I miss waking up, looking outside, and seeing mountains surrounding me! The Colorado landscape is amazing. The whole family loved to go to our “dirt pile” – the place we would take the off road vehicles and spend the day driving around the hills and getting dirty. If I could choose to live anywhere, Colorado would be by far my number one choice! I am not giving up hope that I will be back!

  • Two Blessings From Above

    I love Colorado too. For my birthday yesterday, my husband gave me a 5 night spa trip to Colorado this summer with my friend.
    I hope you get to move back there some day. The pictures are great.

  • The Epps Family

    I hear ya– I feel the same way about North Carolina.

  • Amanda W

    I feel your pain, sister. We lived in Boulder for about 12 years with a view of the Flatirons from our front window. I still haven’t recovered from the move to Texas eight years ago. People here keep saying, ‘oh, but it’s so pretty in Texas!’ and all I can do is offer a blank stare. It leaves me speechless. (Although, Christy’s place is opening my mind some.)