Happy Day #8

Christmas lights make me happy! We decorated our tree and put up lights outside of our house yesterday! They are so pretty – I love it! I love the tree with our mishmash of ornaments -the ones we have bought over our nine years together and the handmade ones that the kids have brought home over the years. We always get a good laugh looking at some of the ornaments the kids made in their “early years”!

  • imadramamama

    I love that our tree is that way, too! There are ornaments on there from when I was about 4 and every year we buy the kids new ornaments so that when they are older they can say the same thing about their own tree.

    That was a very long sentence.

  • Christy M.

    Christmas light are the best! I love them too.

    It’s so much fun to go through the ornaments every year, too. This year BJ helped decorate the tree (for real!) and he enjoyed the store behind each ornament. He especially loved his ornaments which I buy every year. I can hardly wait for him to start bringing home his handmade ornaments now that he’s in school!!!