Curing the Funk



Meet our baby, Mesa. She is just barely over 7-weeks-old and is so, so cute and funny. We have all been suffering from the major blahs around here the last few months and needed a little cuddly love. ;o) Ozzie just loves her. The cats? Not so much.

We all wrote down names that we preferred, voted, and then for the final round picked out of a hat. Some of the names the kids came up with: Flower, Jasper, Heidi, Slidie, Naomi… you get the picture. I like to name our animals after places I love, hence Cali and Denver… Mesa was the name drawn out of the hat and I am proud to say it was my idea (you know, the Grand Mesa in CO!).

  • aprilshowrs78

    Awww!!! She is SO cute! And TINY!

  • anniemcq

    YYYYYAAAAAYYYYY for the kitten! So glad she found her way to your family. Our kittens are getting really big right now, but I’m so in love with them I can’t stand it. They are a sure cure for whatever ails you!

  • Mel

    so cute and teeny! i’m not a big cat fan, but i absolutely LOVE kittens.

  • Mindi

    She is so cute! I’ll be sure to not show my kids the pictures. They all want a kitten, but I say no.

  • Christy M.

    I LOVE her name!! She is so adorable and furry and cuddly looking. AWWWW, makes me miss that baby kitty phase. Both of my cats are 14 years old!

  • Christie O.

    what a cutiepie face! i love kitties!!!

  • Stacie

    CUTE…love her name!

  • Two Blessings From Above

    Maybe I should see if a kitten will cure my funk! I Might try the Grand Mesa in Colorado first! She is so cute.

  • Shawn

    I’m a dog person but she’s pretty darn cute!

  • Ashley Rose

    Sooo cute =) I found your blog through a couple other bloggity blogs, so cute! Also I got a doormat at Target that says “Whoooose there?” with an owl on it, so i love the header!!! =) xo