A Few Things

**My Dad’s surgery went well and he is recovering in the hospital. He did receive some other test results today and has an infection in another area of his body. Please keep him in your thoughts and pray that this will be fully curable with no complications. Thanks for all the kind words today everyone! You rock!

**I did 4.5 miles at the gym this morning, came home and Shredded. Anterior raises with side squats seriously suck. I am going to try and Shred before the twins get up in the morning so it is done BEFORE I go to the gym.

**I passed on alcohol at Buffalo Wild Wings tonight. That has never happened. I also left Target without buying Archer Farms Jalepeno Pretzels. They are seriously THE BEST pretzels in the world and I love them. So. Much.

**It was still light out at 8 when I was driving home tonight. That usually means warmer weather should be coming soon. Right??

**I haven’t even got our Easter decorations out yet. Does that make me a bad mother??

  • livinginagirlsworld

    Easter decorations? What are those? I’m figuring they are going to consist of easter baskets this year. The kids have Easter clothes that fit. Does that count? All this shredding going on is really making me want to try it. I’m a bit of a sucker for sore muscles due to exercise. It’s a sickness.

  • *Lissa*

    Do it girl, SHRED!!

  • Cathy

    I’m glad to hear your dad is doing good, I will continue to think about him for the other and recovery. I almost said if ya gotta stay home then hit the tread mill and work off some of the worry. I just told G tonight that I am slacking so bad a decorations, holiday activities and other things. I need to get my house together and get a movin..the kids are only young once.

  • Mindi

    I’m glad your Dad’s surgery went well and I hope everything else does too. I will definitely keep him in my prayers. You will be in them too!

    Great job on the gym and shredding! But, even a better job on passing up the alcohol and pretzels!!

    There is still four days left until Easter…the easter bunny has not done anything around here yet either…four days is a long time right?

  • Shawn

    You passed on a drink? You are a stronger woman than me!

    Just yesterday I said OH CRAP Easter is Sunday, I have a great big nothing for my girls! I think I will be heading out tonight, ALONE, to do a little bunny shopping.

    I’m with ya on the shred thing, I have a bad shoulder so I moderate but it still sucks big time!

    I’m glad your dad is doing well, I will continue to pray for a full recovery.

    Have a great Wednesday!

  • anniemcq

    A few thoughts:

    So glad your dad is doing better. I hope they figure it all out soon and that he’s home and on his feet in no time.

    I’m so impressed with your dedication to your health. Good for you – you are an inspiration.

    You are a great mom. It’s evident in the pics you take of your kids. There is so much love in those shots, it’s so clear to see.

    And now, for my stupid question: what is shredding? Carry on.

  • Crooked Eyebrow

    I’m glad things went well.Job well done passing up all that crap today!

    Very proud of you!

    Also, I don’t own any easter decorations, does that mean I can run for mother of the year?

    Domesticated I am not.

  • Kristin….

    I hope your Dad gets good news and gets well soon.

    I don’t have my Easter decorations out either. BUT, I have all the stuff for the baskets so I feel I’m doing ok.

    Keep Shredding. I’ll take my 30 minutes on my treadmill and call it good!

  • Michelle

    I am happy to hear your father is recovering! Great job on the gym and the shredding afterward, WOW!
    Dont feel bad about not having easter decorations, I just picked up the basket fillers today on my lunch break! We are momma’s, we are allowed to go slow sometimes, lol! especially after shredding!

  • Sandi

    I have a feeling that this the year Brooklyn will find out that the Easter Bunny is not real. I have not done anything either and James and I decided that the kids are getting sheets, no candy. That will teach them to not clean their rooms or make their beds, right? They are always using the excuse that there are no sheets, so here they go. I am so mean to them.

  • Saj

    I’m impressed by the 4.5 miles, THEN shredding! I’m gonna try a double day tomorrow-a morning run then afternoon shred.

    Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for your dad!

  • Vodka Mom

    I played 15 minutes of basketball with Golden Boy last night.

    that’s all I got…..

    (hope your dad is doing well.)

  • Brooke

    Glad his surgery went well. Continued prayers for his recovery.

  • Two Blessings From Above

    I will keep your dad in my prayers.
    We went to BWW last night too, I wish I could say I passed on the alcohol. I had to reward myself for only getting naked tenders with no sauce so, I had a Miller Lite to go with them.

  • Wonderful World of Weiners

    What the heck are Easter decorations?? Don’t the baskets and jelly beans count as decor????

    Hallie :)

  • Christie O.

    i’m glad your dad’s surgery went well!! I am still thinking of you and sending healing thoughts for a full recovery! thank you for your comment about my dad — he’s still in the hospital and we should have answers soon so that’s good.

    great job on all those milestones! the beer, the shredding, and the pretzel!

    the anterior raises are *officially* my most hated exercise.

    and my easter decorations are in the back of my car waiting to come into the house. so no. you’re not a bad mom. unless i am. in which case you may be. but no. we’re not. right? i’m kidding. i need coffee.