My Dad is in Surgery

My Dad is in having surgery to remove his gallbladder as I write this! Please send some good thoughts and prayers his way.

I love you Dad!

Dad and I

  • Shana

    Thinking about you and your dad!!

  • Shawn

    I will say a prayer for you, him, the rest of your family and the doctors.

    Dang he looks like Kevin Costner in the second picture!

  • Stacie’s Madness

    positive thoughts your way and your dad’s way

  • Two Blessings From Above

    I will be praying for your dad!

  • Cathy

    I will be thinking about him and the whole family. Let us know how he’s doing. Cathy

  • Christie O.

    sending prayers and thoughts to you and your family! my dad’s in the hospital tonight too (chest pain) very scary stuff. hugs!

  • aprilshowrs78

    Lots of prayers and love!

  • Christy M.

    Oh, sweetie! I hope he’s doing okay tonight! I was wondering where you were today. Let me know how he’s doing, okay?

  • Mindi

    Wow Melissa, your dad is one handsome man!

    I’m glad the surgery went well!

  • Beckie

    Thinking about you and your dad- wanted to stop by your blog and say hi- keep shredding to! I’ve heard about the shredheads…

  • Suzy

    That is one handsome dad!