Same Old…


Another weigh-in day over at Shrinking Jeans is upon us…

This weeks results: +0.8 lbs.

Shit! I was doing good last week up until Friday, then all went to hell. Beer, Jack & Diet, Easter candy… not good. I missed 1.67 days of my shredding out of 9. (Yeah, I started it one day and then said screw it.) Tomorrow I will be moving on to Level 2 and it is sure to hurt.

On the plus side, I swear I can see muscles in my shoulders that weren’t there before, and my gluteus maximus is killing me the last two days, so something has GOT TO be going on with my muscles.

I know what I NEED to do, now if I can just get over my emotional rollercoaster and get to it! I get so frustrated with the lack of results I am seeing. *sigh*

  • DALewis

    I swear I could’ve written this post. I feel the same way. (And might I add, I despise my scale!) Here’s to a better week next week!

  • Vickie

    Oh man, that bites! As you know I got carried away with Easter and beyond. But except for a day and a half you kept shredding. You are noticing a difference. Cool! Maybe that.08 pound is really muscle:)

    Good news…this afternoon my video came!

  • Christy M.

    Find your focus, girl! YOU CAN DO THIS!! I know you can. Keep up the Shredding and you’ll see results!!

  • Brooke

    i’m right there with you. but we’re gonna push through setbacks…like that large quarter pounder value meal i had for lunch.

    and we WILL see the results we want!

  • livinginagirlsworld

    Hang in there girl! Easter candy is such a sabateur! And don’t get down on yourself. Stress raises your levels of cortisol (I think, if I remember correctly) and that is akin to the flight-or-flight response. Your body might be trying to hang on to the status quo due to stress. Keep shredding, even when you don’t want to. If anything, mentally, you will feel better.

  • Erin P

    Keep up the shredding!! You are doing much better than me, I did the first 2 days, but have not done it since. I have been running though, so hopefully when i weigh in tonight I’ll be down a little. It would help if I could stay away from the beer- we ate dinner at JD’s last night and I downed a 32 oz with green olives–delish!!!

  • Megan

    Keep your chin up girl! You know, if you weren’t busting your butt working out during this stressful time in your life, you (if you are anything like me) would probably be gaining weight. You have come a long way with your physical fitness since you have started working out. Don’t be so hard on yourself!

    I missed a day of Shred too, Easter Sunday. Oh well. Let me know how level 2 goes! I am too scared to try it! When I do, it will definately be on a no gym day!

    I missed you today! I even did the elliptical instead of running. I need to take it easy on these old joints;-)

  • Saj

    A loss is a loss. And I’m sure your eyes aren’t fooling you-those really are more defined arm muscles! Hang in there! You’re due for a bigger loss next week!

  • ValleyGirl

    YES! My shoulders are where I always noticed it first, too. You’re doing well!! This isn’t a setback, it’s a new challenge!!!!!! Challenges are awesome sweet fun, remember? YOU CAN DO THIS!

  • aprilshowrs78

    I know it's frustrating. Trust me I know. Especially when it comes to temptations like beer and Jack & diet coke. But stay strong! I KNOW you can do this!!

  • Dani

    Only missing 1.6 something days of working out after jack&diet's and Easter candy, in my opinion, is pretty darn good!!! I over indulged myself on Thursday night… the hubby and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary a little to hard and as you can see I didn't recover until SUNDAY!!! You go girl!!!!

  • Mindi

    Just find a way to turn your emotion into aggression and you will be burning those pounds off in no time!

    Good luck this week. You can do it!