You Capture! Joy


I’m all about joy -it is my middle name you know! ;o)

To me, nothing says Joy like friends, family, and of course, the bunkhouse! LOVE.

My Dad, Ave, and her bff…

Ave and Jaida

BB and his Grandpa

And, well, I think this image speaks for itself! Hah! At least something is gettin’ some.

  • ValleyGirl

    Hahaha, too funny! Glad to hear the sense of humour isn’t completely gone!

  • Erin

    The last one just made me giggle! I love all the joyful faces throughout.

  • Shana

    Great photos. Love the last one

  • Tiaras and Tantrums

    HAHA -the last one is hilarious

  • Stacie’s Madness



  • Jessi


  • Casual Friday Everyday

    I love that reflection shot … very creative!


  • Elaine A.

    OH. MY. Joy comes in all forms, doesn’t it? ; )

  • Adventures In Babywearing

    These are GREAT photos!!!


  • livinginagirlsworld

    Love the reflection picture!

  • Mominin

    Beautiful photos…you are a great photographer. The last one is funny!

  • ♥spoiled mommy♥

    Hahahaha!! Great pictures.
    Love the reflection one..the last one-giggle giggle!

  • april

    Hahahaha! The last one cracks me up!

  • VanessaKim

    teehee. Oh man..definitely a giggle

  • Shae

    love the last one

  • Kim

    I just LOVE these photos. There is a lot of Joy in those photos.

    I played too…come on over.

  • Amanda W

    You are SUCH a naughty girl! (And I just love ya for it!)

  • Christy M.

    EFFING HILARIOUS! Oh, my!!! Love the last one, in case you didn’t know!

    The reflection is my favorite though! Very creative, girl!!

    Love you!