Grand Finale

Today is the FINAL weigh-in for our Shrinking into Summer challenge over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. Over the last 8 weeks, I have lost a total of 5 lbs. Not bad, but of course, I was aiming for much more than that!

I have been HORRIBLE at exercising the last few weeks. Ever since I injured *something* in my leg/ass/hip area, I have been taking it easy. I tried some drugs (prescription!) this past week to see if that would ease the pain and heal me, but unfortunately, I seem to be in the same boat as before. Not fun. Maybe I should just try going to the gym regularly again and see if it works itself out.

Speaking of the gym, it is the last week of school here! I don’t know what my exercise routine will look like after this Friday. It is going to be hard to do with the kids home!

We are going to have a new weight-loss challenge kicking off on June 3rd if you want to join in the fun! ;o)

  • Brooke

    congrats on the missing 5#s!! :)

    if you haven’t been yet maybe you should go to the doctor. i’d be afraid pushing through might make you injure yourself further.

  • Stacie’s Madness

    still 5 lbs in 8 weeks is GREAT, keep up the good work.

  • ValleyGirl

    Small victories are still victories ~ hooray for success!! I hope your “something” will feel better soon, but since it has been dragging on for a while, maybe you should see a physiotherapist or something. Those nagging injuries can make life so miserable sometimes.

    I’m SO looking forward to the next Sisterhood challenge!! How many weeks will it be, or hasn’t that been decided yet? Either way…


  • imadramamama

    5 lbs is awesome! Good job!

  • april

    Five pounds is great, especially since you’re injured!! BE CAREFUL with the injury, please. Don’t do too much, k?! Get better, then concentrate on working out!!

  • Christy – The Sisterhood

    I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! I know you’ve had a rough go of things lately. Between being injured and all the stress you’re under, this loss is wonderful.


    And I agree that you should see a doctor. Don’t kill yourself at the gym trying to work it out, k?

    Love you!!