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We received a TrixSwirls (say that three times fast!) goody package in the mail from MyBlogSpark the other day and the twins were super excited to dig into it this morning.

Now, personally, I do not like ANY “sugary” cereals, but I do let my children have them occasionally. The kids give TrixSwirls a thumbs up.

My boys, complete with jammies and bedheads!

Trix Swirls® combines two mouthwatering fruity colors into every fun puff that will satisfy kids´ taste buds and spark their creativity! A good source of calcium and vitamin D, the Trix Rabbit won´t be the only one who can´t resist these fruity combos, which include lemony green, berry berry blue, and rasporangey orange!

Now for the BEST part, I have two of these TrixSwirls gift baskets to giveaway, which include: a coupon for a box of cereal, an art apron for the kids, watercolors, paintbrushes, pencils, an art box, and a huge drawing pad!

All you need to do is answer this question, “If you could swirl ANY two things together, what would they be?” You know, like my all-time fave -beer and lime! ;o) Contest will be open for comments until Thursday, July 22nd at 11:59pm. Winners will be selected and announced the following day. For an extra entry, tweet about this contest and leave a separate comment below! Good luck!

  • Midwest Mommy

    Chocolate ice cream and peanut butter!

  • Christy M.

    How FUN!! Your boys are so freaking adorable. For real.

    Okay, I my favorite thing to swirl together is coffee and cream! I also love vanilla ice cream and crushed oreos, but don't do have it too often :)


  • ValleyGirl

    I'm not a fan of sugary cereals either ~ so this would be a nice treat for my girls because I never buy them!

    I don't know what I would like to swirl together, but two things I love swirled together are Off! bug spray and Coppertone sunscreen. When combined, they actually smell marvelous!! (I'm serious ~ they create a new smell that doesn't smell at all like either one by itself) The scent of the two combined is the ultimate scent of summer to me!

  • Dakotapam

    mmmmmm Coffee and half and half of course!

  • Anonymous

    Orange sherbert and vanilla, but I like yours too.


  • Enos Family

    Your boys are so cute & what a cute idea by Trix!!
    I blogged it here: http://enosfamilyboise.blogspot.com/?zx=ca25a9ecf5b06056
    My Favorite Swirl would be a Jacuzzi & Massage- c'mon wouldn't that be to die for :)

  • Mommy Mo

    margarita and strawberry margarita

    vanilla ice cream and oreo cookies

  • Megan

    My favorite swirl right now would be a Strawberry Margarita and sitting in a hot tub with girlfriends.

  • Vodka Mom

    This is the coolest thing ever!

    Swirling? beside Vodka and diet pepsi?

    How about Brie cheese and french bread???

  • Hit 40

    I would definitely swirl together chocolate cake and coffee!!! Yummy!!

  • Beckie

    hmmmm let me think my fav is milk chocolate chips with a spoon full of peanut butter. Also like cool whip in my coffee

  • Beckie

    Tweeted It!

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, I am thinking.. and I still have a couple days to decide, right??