What’s Going On?!


It’s been about forever since I have posted about what has been going on in our lives lately! Here’s the scoop:

*Justin has gotten a job and will start in a few weeks. It is with a drilling company, but will be a way lower position than what he is used to. The pay is decent and the benefits are good. The schedule? Sucks ass. 28 days on, 14 off.


*I was contacted last week about an exciting opportunity. I can’t get into details for another month, but let’s just say I will be flying SOMEWHERE in a few weeks, to do SOMETHING for a good cause, and will be meeting some awesome people along the way! I am super-excited and can’t wait to share the deets with all of you! And also? I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!!

*I have been painting, painting, painting. We have decided to go ahead with our plans of having a garage sale and then listing our house. Where are we going to move? WHO KNOWS!


*Soccer and baseball are done after this week, and other than dance, we will have no activities for 3 weeks! Wa-hoo!

*While everyone else in the world was attending BlogHer, my family and I were hanging at the bunkhouse enjoying the country and relaxing.


*I began seeing a chiropractor last week for my injury. I was right about it being my piriformis muscle, but I also have some L5 issues going on as well. Hopefully, the treatments will start helping and I can get back in my exercise groove!

I am trying to have a more positive outlook lately. It does seem like good things are happening, and August is looking to be a far better month than the last few have been! My Aunt Cyndee says that if you have a negative outlook, you are only drawing more negativity your way. So, friends, I ask that you all send POSITIVE, HEALING thoughts Cyndee’s way as she travels back and forth to Mayo once again for the clinical trial she is participating in! Thank you! XOXO

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  • Enos Family

    The horse on the top is Stunning!
    Congrats on all of the Wonderful news!!! 28 on 14 off- is he going to be close?
    I'm so darn proud of you!!!

  • Allyson

    You hag, I want to know what the big secret is!! I can't wait a MONTH!

  • Megan

    I want to know the details NOW too!

    I love your new paint job! It turned out awesome!

  • april

    I am so excited for you! And I want that horse. For real. :o)

  • Mommy Mo

    Can I ride your horse?

    I am excited for all your GOOD stuff going on right now.

  • Christy M.

    I am so happy for you I could cry. Seriously. I know how long you've been waiting for a job to come through for Justin. I'm thrilled that it's finally happening.

    Beautiful, stunning photos, as always, hooker!

    Love and love and more love to you, and I'll keep Cyndee in my thoughts.

  • codeladybug

    Congrats on the hubby getting a job…maybe it will lead to something better down the road! Love the red paint….and hope the upcoming adventure for you lifts up your spirits!

  • Mindi

    I love the red wall! I'm so glad Justin will be working. I'm also wondering if it is close or will he travel. Keep up the positive and don't make us wait a month for your news!

  • karena

    Beautiful photos, as always. I envy you the weekend away. I wasn't at Blogher either, I was doing laundry and mopping the floor!

  • bernthis

    good positive thoughts for all of you. Thanks for that reminder. Havig some serious money issues right now and scared to death. Trying to stay positive as you say

  • Two Blessings From Above

    Thanks for stopping by and checking on me! I have had pneumonia for the past 2 weeks and just getting dressed takes up all my energy. The boys turn 16 on the 30th so we are taking them away for a few days. I am hoping I can relax while we are there.
    I can't wait to hear about your exciting opportunity. Your horse pictures are breathtaking! I hope to be back up and blogging soon.

  • Stacie’s Madness

    yay, great post!