Don’t Hate Me… It’s Art!

I dread the day when I am the victim. And when it happens, I just hope no one has a camera handy.




And back to the night of branding:




  • Lucid

    My hubby recently shot a video of me whilst I was completely wrecked. It is at the same time the most hilarious and horrifying thing I've ever seen.

  • Cathy

    At least you didn't stick his hand in cold water and then take pics.. maybe next time.

  • Stacie’s Madness

    i saw these on flickr and didn't know what to say….other than, HILARIOUS…

  • Megan

    Very glad you weren't into photography in our wilder days.

  • Mendie

    Well…at least there doesn't appear to have been any Sharpies used! Too funny-better watch out!

  • Mindi

    I'm sure Justin had a great time! Is he still laughting?

  • ohana photographers

    that is pure AWESOME right there!!!

  • imadramamama

    I can honestly say that I LOVE that first shot…

  • april

    Hysterical. Remind me to never be the first to pass out around you!

  • Christy M.

    We totally do that when we get together with our friends and someone passes out! You are my hero!

  • Erinomatic27

    OMG Lissa, I am just now seeing this post. HILARIOUS