How to make your farts smell fresh…

Conversation with Ave:

Ave: Know how to make farts smell good?

Me: How?

Ave: Stick a dryer sheet in your underwear. Of course, I don’t do that, because I like to torture you guys. ;p

Justin started work last week the same day I left for L.A. and I have to say, I actually miss the guy. The last six months have been pretty tough and awful, but when it comes down to it I love the guy. It was super hard on both of us to constantly be together after we have spent the last 8 years having days or weeks away from each other. I like things the way I like them, as does he.

I feel bad for him having to work his ass off in the heat (it was near 100 degrees the day he went back!) for 12 hours at a time. He will be in good shape again before you know it! I spent this morning sewing up rig jeans for him… something I haven’t needed to do in YEARS! He should get a good laugh when he sees my sewing skills, it’s quite the hack job!

After Ave’s dance performance this afternoon, we are going to head out to my Dad’s so that we can hang out with Justin for the evening when he gets home from work. It really sucks that he doesn’t have his own shack on location anymore! How we miss those lazy Monopoly-filled weekends.

  • Vodka Mom

    now THAT was a good one…….

  • livinginagirlsworld

    So, so glad things have finally ironed themselves out somewhat for you and J. *sigh of relief* (for you). i understand how you just get into a groove with life and then life goes and messes with the groove. Love ya, hooker!

  • Christie O.

    HAHAHAHA the title of your post made me come right over! and that's a great idea too, i'm gonna tell my stinky husband about that one! hahahaha

  • Enos Family

    Ave is adorable! Have fun at your dad's :)

  • Crooked Eyebrow

    I will forever be sticking dryer sheets in my husband's boxers.


    But I am very happy for you all that things are picking up and looking good!

  • Stacie’s Madness

    hmm, Imma have to try that…I mean, um, yeah.

  • Cathy

    Hey I guess my twitter wasn't working at the track tonight.. I got you message about your grandma late. It's past midnight now..cause I'm at work.. Oh, how I hate work. Anywho.. I hope she is doing well and keep us updated. Another thing.. maybe you explained this but I have never caught on to the rig thing and bunk house and where they are.. Is it your dads house or farm or is work? sounds like it may be over 2 hours away.. I'm corn-fused.

  • karena

    I love the quote!

    And I can empathize on the husband issues. I love my husband like nothing else, and I'm not going anywhere, neither is he. But some days/weeks, we can't stand each other. In the end, though, we both know from past experience that the grass ISN'T greener somewhere else, and no one else would put up with all the crap we dish out to one another!