I really need to get my shit together.

First off, I want to send a huge Happy Birthday wish out to my BFF from college, Hannah! I hope you are having a fabulous vacation! Love you!

I am losing my mind. I swear! The last few weeks I don’t even know what day it is, let alone what needs to be done! We missed Kane’s middle school orientation last week with me being in L.A. and the kids staying with my parents, so we dropped in today to go check out the school and practice his locker combination. I brought his physical form and dropped it in the office, and the principal asked if we were there to attend the football equipment handout. I was like, “What?? That’s on the 24th.” No. It wasn’t. It was in a half hour. SERIOUSLY. How lucky is that? I just so happened to pick THE right time to be there.

Now I must vent on how much I HATE football equipment handout day. Gah. What a zoo. All the pads and helmets and girdles and did I mention PADS. Am I really supposed to have a clue about all this shit?

Kane was really nervous to be in football this year, if you know him, you know how small he is. He had to choose between soccer and football for fall, and I really think the only reason he chose football is because he knows what football nuts Justin and I are. He was really excited to see one of his friends join and a few other kids who have never played before.

After that, we headed out to get his shoes and school supplies. We had everything written down that we needed and when we walked through the door at Target, I asked him to hand me the list. Well, somewhere between the IN door and the school supplies, I lost the list.

What is my problem? I know I can be blond and ditzy sometimes, but this is just getting to be a little overboard. For realz, yo.

  • Megan

    Glad to hear he is giving it a try! Are you signing the twins up for flag football? I hope so!

    I feel like I am losing my mind too:) I think it is time for school to start & to get back into a routine.

  • Mendie

    Maybe once school has started you will get back in the swing of things. For your sake…being scattered is soo exhausting! Hugs!

  • Cathy

    I know it's a messy time of year but I have to say.. I am holding my breath til next week when I can say.. Bye Bye..see ya at 3 and then I am going to jump for joy. This summer has been terrible.. I mean terrible… I feel so overwhelmed right now with this house, kids running in/out in/out.. I can't see straight. Usually I hate to see them start but this year.. BRING IT ON….

  • erin

    I know how you feel, there are times when I can't remember anything my kids have scheduled for school and etc…

  • Christie O.

    oh no! it just gets like that though, sometimes, you can't help it! i feel the same way, i forget the craziest things, i remember things wrong, i get all messed up and it confirms for my husband every time that i'm a picture personified of inner chaos. oh well! he knew what he was getting into! anyhoo, it'll get better after the first week. can't wait for the "locker room bedroom" phase myself but i have a few years! hope they come up with something better than febreeze by then! hahaha

  • Stacie’s Madness

    i'm right there with ya.

    i'm just frazzled!!

  • Heather D

    Gah. You're scaring me. Mine's only 18 mos and I can barely keep track of stuff…sports practice? Orientations? I need to start working on my time management NOW!