One on One Time

Justin and SaSa participated in their first ever golf tournament today! It was a parent/child scramble and the little guy was SO EXCITED! He started golf lessons over the summer and his love for golf just grew and grew. I think my husband is ecstatic that he has a lifelong golfing partner and it is something special they can share together, just the two of them.

They ending up not placing in the top pairs, and Justin said SaSa was bummed out, but then they managed to win THREE raffle prizes! A box of golf balls, a pair of junior sunglasses, and a new bag for Justin! The look on SaSa’s beaming face when he came in the door was completely heartmelting!

  • Megan

    That is so cool!

    Q really likes golf too. He isn't as lucky though, neither of us golf. Maybe we will have to pick A up and head to mini links here before summer is over.

  • livinginagirlsworld

    I'm not into golf at all, but it looks like they had a blast. So glad they won some prizes even though they didn't place.

    And I love the backpack strap thing for the bag. Must be so much more comfortable than the one strap.

  • april

    The smile on his face with those prizes is just TOO CUTE!!

  • Enos Family

    Ahhh, how sweet! I wish I could golf.. maybe someday :)

  • Bacardi Mama

    That is one lucky little boy. I don't know who looks happier, him or his daddy.

  • Mommy Mo

    OG- that is so effing cute. I love that picture of their backsides- carrying the golf bags.

  • Brooke

    who cares if you win, as long as you get a cool door prize! :)

  • Mindi

    That is so sweet!! I love the pictures! What a sweet look on his face with those prizes! That is great that they have something both of them can do together as their special thing!