Ode to Justin


I feel like I am always bitching about my hubby when I talk about him on my blog. HEY,IT’S MY SPACE, I CAN DO THAT! Today, I will showcase his good side.

Yesterday was the big day of my first epidural steroid injection into my lower lumbar area. I was a little on the nervous side and my hubby (who is gone for a MONTH!) decided to have someone work for him so that he could come home.

He did well with his Mr. Mom title and didn’t whine too much about his duties. He cooked fabulous meals for lunch and dinner, chauffeured the kids to and from their activities, filled the car with gas, and chased me around the house trying to get laid even did the dishes.

This morning, he was up at 4 am and back on the road to work.

Thanks, honey. MWAH!!!


  • ValleyGirl

    Haha, all that "chasing…" so your back's feeling better after the shot then?!

    You have the same type of husband I do, it sounds like ~ a little rough around the edges, but very sweet and caring when we really need to see that side of them. (your husband is slightly more daring on his quad than mine is, though!! Great picture!)

  • Megan

    Awwww! What a sweet hubby;p

  • Mommy Mo

    SO, did he get some action? And how does that work if you have back problems?!!!!! I'm just sayin'……

  • Paula Rodriguez

    Men, gotta love em. I hope the shot is helping your back. Try not to over do it. it's okay to let the hubby continue to be Mr. Mom… for lil while longer. That looks scary? The bike thingie!

  • Shana

    Hope you are feeling better.

  • april

    That was so nice of him!

  • Suz

    hilarious that he tried to get laid! hehahahahahahahaha LOL