I’m Here to Cheer You On.

I am a Community Leader for the EA Sports Active 5K challenge! Woot, woot! Only I can’t run (or TRY to run) right now because of the annoying back issues that are plaguing me. That doesn’t mean YOU shouldn’t do this!

If you are in the Bismarck area/surrounding areas and want to participate, I will be your personal cheerleader. Who doesn’t want THAT? Even if you aren’t close to where I live, I will volunteer to be your virtual compadre.

We have decided over at Shrinking Jeans that our “virtual 5K” will take place on November 8th! This just so happens to be World Run Day!

Who’s in? Even if you don’t live near me, go HERE, and find yourself a run for November 8th. If you need help, I can do that. Email me here: melissa@shrinkingjeans.net.

So the details (I am pretty much stealing this from Christie, because I am lazy and need more coffee):

EA Sports is offering a special 4 week program just for you!!! It is right here: (training program.) It’s a similar concept to the Couch to 5k where you build up to running the 5k straight OR you can choose the other plan, to walk/slash/run the 5k, it’s up to you! You will notice on the plan that there are days marked EA Sports Active workouts on the off-run days, which you can do, or if you don’t own it you don’t have to. (I do highly recommend it, however, if you already have a Wii, these are some really fun, butt-kicking workouts and you can get it on sale on Amazon.) Should you choose not to do the EA Sports Active workouts on the off-run days, any weight-lifting or cross-training will do. Trust me on that. If you’re doing this for weight-loss, you will need to add some weights in on the off days anyway. I found out the hard way that running alone wouldn’t cut it.

And EA Sports will send us t-shirts to wear on run day!! There are groups across the country doing this, so you wanna join or what?? Because training starts Monday!

Let’s recap:
1. Go sign up for a 5k in your area or map one out. I can help you with this. Shoot me an email.
2. Then, tell EA Sports Active that you’re all signed up so they can get you one of their fancy t-shirts.
3. Then, start training on Monday (you can do it!)
4. Post pictures of training and race day. Scratch that. If you are in my area and decide to participate, I will come and TAKE PHOTOS OF YOU! You’re welcome.

  • Kristin @ The Krumwiede 6


    BUT you best keep on my arse because we know how I can be… lol

  • ~Mendie~

    Check…signed up with EAsports! Worse case, I walk the majority of it…but at least I'll do it!

  • DALewis

    Crap! NOW I wish I were back in the Grand Forks area cuz I'd so have you come be my cheerleader. Dammit.