Taco Night Giveaway!


I find it SO HARD to find meals that my whole family will eat. Seriously. I am not a big fan of cooking elaborate means anyway, so when I have to hear the whining and complaining that is sure to come from at least ONE of the children, it makes it even worse!

Enter Taco Night. Each and every member of my family will eat tacos (Bridger eats lettuce and cheese tacos, but hey, it still counts!). The kids can dish up what they like and omit the ingredients they don’t care for. Easy.


Through MyBlogSpark, I received a gift pack from Old El Paso which included the El Tacodor game, as well as two coupons for Old El Paso dinner kits and a $10 gift card to purchase any additional meal needs (i.e. meat, cheese, lettuce, etc). The kids had a great time during the meal, the games were easy and fun for everyone. I am happy to report Bridger and I were partners and kicked some serious butt. Woo-hoo!

I have another gift-pack to give away! To win, just answer this question: Do you have a “taco night” with your family? All comments received by the end of Thursday are eligible to win. One winner will be randomly selected and announced the following day! Good luck!

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  • Alyssa

    we sure do. and occasionally it turns into quesadilla night… depending on our mood. :)

  • livinginagirlsworld

    I am totally about taco night. Like you said, everyone can put their own toppings on and there is less arguing about what's yucky.

  • Megan

    We love tacos here too. We have them once every other week & everyone looks forward to them. I love to cook, but on taco night we keep it simple. Hard Shells, Beef, & lots of optional toppings. Tony has been known to put away 12 and Kade 6, so I usually need to buy 3 boxes of shells.

  • MitaKay

    I *TRY* to do taco night… but the boys get mad when I try and make it a little healthier with ground turkey and such. Brats.

  • DALewis

    Yep, we do. Usually once a week. We LOVE taco night here. :)

  • Mindi

    At least once a week! Nathan has just cheese in his shells, Isaac has meat and cheese and Hannah just dips her shells in cheese sauce. Maybe not the most round meal, but hey. You are right. No one complains!! Along with this is quesadilla night which also occurs at least once a week. Mmmmm fresh salsa to go with of course!

  • JC

    Yes! We love taco night, it's always fun and festive. Taco night means game/movie night, everyone loves it.

  • Dakotapam

    WE should have a taco night, tacos always go over well here!

  • Midwest Mommy

    You have no idea how popular taco night is here, lol. Sometimes I swear it feels like taco week instead.

  • Bacardi Mama

    Absolutely we have taco night. Usually a couple times a month. Even my daughter and son-in-law who are vegetarians enjoy it. They get pretty crafty with how they make theirs. They include everything but the meat. This would be great to win. Thanks for the chance.

  • Krista

    Like you, tacos are about the only thing my entire family will eat, so heck-to-the-ya we have family taco night!

  • Erin P

    No taco night for me, not a big fan of tacos. But LOVE LOVE LOVE chips and salsa and other mexican foods!!!

  • Kristin @ The Krumwiede 6

    Tacos is one that EVERYONE (even Shelby) will do at our house as well so I hear you there…. :)

    Oh…and I finally signed up to follow your feed :)

  • Luvdaylilies

    We have a taco night(sometimes enchilada night) but like you, I have one that gives me a bit of an issue! For her lettuce tomato and cheese comprise her taco=)

    Luvdaylilies at bellsouth dot net

  • The Fritz Facts

    We LOVE Taco nights! The kids would have them every night if we let them. We are mostly a soft-taco family, but have known to throw in some taco salad for crunch.



  • Cathy

    Yes we have taco night which has turned into nacho night. I used to buy hard shells and they would just chop them up so we went to tortilla chips. Besides spaghetti this is the next kid friendly meal that everyone will eat. I have started buying the bulk size taco seasoning bottle. I could never keep enought packets around plus I use it for taco soup night.