Thank Goodness! Thursdays…

I have gotten to caught up in all the negative things going on around me this year. It seems to be quite the downward spiral once I get in that frame of mind and I only wind up making myself even more miserable (as well as those around me!). I have decided that for the rest of the year, I am going to focus on the things that make me happy and thankful. Whether it be small, trivial things, or the people in my life that are truly special, each Thursday I will be featuring something!

I invite you to come on this journey with me! You can write on any absolutely anything you are thankful for OR if you prefer, take photos of your “something” and post them! Anything goes! I have no clue how to use a Mr. Linky, but by Thursday next week, I will have it figured out!

Thank Goodness! for…

My Husband.

He makes me laugh.

He works hard.
Nothing Like a Man in Shorts. And Boots. ;o)

He is a good cook.

He is fun.

He drives me crazy.

He is good with kids.
Dad & Daughter

He loves adventures.

He puts up with me.
Justin and I


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  • Lori

    Awesome post Lissa!

  • Bush Belles

    Great idea

  • Megan

    I agree! What a great post! I think I might have to start doing this too- it will be next week though- to much to get done tonight!

    Those were some really great pics. I really loved the one of Justin in the boots with the binoculars.

  • ~Mendie~

    Great idea…the negativity can break a person down so quickly…I like this!

    PS you both look great and so in love!!

  • jen

    I love Thank Goodness! Thursdays!!

    I will try and participate! I say try because I wind up being so bad about this stuff! But I will try and I am actually going to go write a blog right now!

    Awesome post and you & the hubby are so cute!

    <3 jen

  • Bacardi Mama

    Great post and one handsome hubby.

  • Susan (5 Minutes For Mom)

    I need to focus on being thankful too… it's so easy to take things for granted.

  • Christie O.

    i love this post! first, what a great showcase of all your husband's talents. :) I'd love to join this too, you can't have too much positivity or positiveness or postivishness in your life, it's true.

  • audrey @ the lewis 4

    I love this! I'll join you. I need to focus on positives, too. :)

  • ERIN P


  • Stacie’s Madness

    awe, how sweet!

  • Tiffany

    Sounds like he'd get along great with my husband! This could call for a roap trip! :)

  • AudreyO

    It's so "odd" how we all tend to look at the negative and forget or somehow miss the positive. Way to go on setting a goal of seeking out the good and capturing it.