I received this awesome award from Jen from Jen in Real Life. I have been lucky to get to know her over the past few months over Twitter and blogging! She is a fabulous person and I will get to hang out with her in person in March if I make it to FitBloggin! Exciting!

As always, there are instructions:

1. Copy the image and display it on your blog.
2. List 10 things that make you happy.
3. Try to do at least one of them today.
4. Pass on the award to 10 bloggers who brighten your day.

Happiness is…
Giggling children. I love, LOVE hearing my children giggle. As long as it’s not the sneaky-I-just-did-something-naughty-type of giggle.
Sunshine. Oh how I love thee. I find it super hard to get through the North Dakota winters with the never-ending gray skies. I need sunshine on my shoulders.
As long as I am going the John Denver route, mountains also make me happy.

The bunkhouse makes me happy. Country adventures at their finest.

My friends and family. I love being in the presence of good company and my family and friends pretty much rock.

Adventures. Whatever and wherever they may be. I feel my happiest when I am learning new things and experiencing new places.

Photography. My passion. The feeling of satisfaction when I get “the” shot.

Thunderstorms. I love, love, LOVE thunderstorms. Mother Nature in all her glory.

Stickling. Back rub + Tickling = Stickling. My husband is the best. Ever.

Inspiration. I love to be inspired and love to inspire.

I am passing the happy love on to 10 other bloggers who consistently brighten my days (only 10? Know that there are so, SO many more of you!)…

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  • ~Mendie~

    oh thank you Lissa!!! I'm glad I can brighten your day, because you KNOW you bring laughter and light into mine!


  • Mommy Mo

    I didn't make the cut? WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where's the love, hooker?!

    All of those people on your list make me happy, too : ).

  • imadramamama.wordpress.com

    So, does sunshine in your eyes make you cry?

  • Karena

    Wait, is this a meme?! I've never had anyone send one of these my way! Awww, first you call me a hooker, now you meme me!

    LOVE your happy list! Especially the giggling children part. They're the best!