First things first, remember this? I promised to give a $50 gift card to either or to one lucky person who donated to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society on my behalf through my Team in Training page! Those of you who didn’t donate, go now, please? you still can. Just sayin’.


The winner is Brooke!! Thank you to ALL who have donated thus far. I am keeping a running list of these awesome people on the sidebar, so check it out.

**Justin has given me his blessing to attend FitBloggin in Baltimore the weekend of March 19th. Now, I just need the price of plane tickets to fall, a sponsor, or a small miracle. 😉 Anyone have good tips on finding airfare deals?

**The twins started winter soccer in the dome a few weeks ago. We actually went at the wrong time the first day, so they played with the U8 (2nd graders) players. They chose to stay with the older kids for the duration of soccer instead of going to the easier level with kids their own age! They are small, but they love it.



**Bridger received more mail from NASA! He was beyond excited!


**Justin’s rig is slated to move to a new location, so he was able to come home and work from home for a few days. This is the first time he’s been home in a month! We are having a lazy Sunday and planning on watching some football! Go Colts! I’m even more excited because this means the Christmas tree will finally be put away. I didn’t know how to unhook all the lights and crap, and only discovered that I didn’t know this when I started taking it apart. It has been laying in my formal living room on the ground since. Ugh.


Happy Sunday!

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  • Bacardi Mama

    Even though I didn't win, I would sponsor your trip, if I were a rich woman. We need to get you there to spend time with Christy, if for no other reason.

  • Heather D

    Woo hoo on Fitbloggin! You hookers do us proud!

  • Brooke


    now maybe the hubs won't be irritated with me to see the donation on the cc bill! 😛

    ps – those soccer pictures are so stinkin cute!!

  • ~Mendie~

    That's awesome about NASA and FitBloggin!

    We still have our outside lights and tree up….waiting for the tree to dry out mostly. But yeah, you aren't the only one-glad you got to spend time with hubby this weekend!