Operation HELP!



7:00 am:  Ozzie goes outside.
7:01 am:  I go upstairs to get the twins showered and ready for school.
7:40 am:  The kids and I are in the kitchen and waiting for the bus. I ask if anyone let the dog in. Greeted by a chorus of “NOs”.
7:45 am:  Kane and Averie go out to search for dog. He doesn’t respond to being called.
7:47 am:  Averie sees Ozzie poking his nose out from under the deck. He can’t get out.
7:50 am:  Kids leave on bus.

I bundle up in the cornstalk overalls, red hat, Justin’s coat, and my daughter’s snow boots.  Greeted by huge snow drifts that are up to my boobs. I shovel with a small garden shovel-thing, since apparently we do not own a snow shovel.


Freezing. Go inside to warm up. Text husband who responds, “Don’t let Ozzy die. Call Animal Rescue or the Fire Department.” Great. Shit.

Go back out. Dig, dig, dig.


Inside to warm up.

8:45 am:  Dog rescued. Legs frozen. I carry him in, where he proceeds to lay by the fireplace for the next three hours.

Still bundled up. Go outside to plow driveway in -37 degrees. Back four-wheeler out of garage. Shift into drive, it dies. Won’t start again.

Inside. Warm up.

Outside try again. No luck. Totally frozen in the open air.

Inside. Cry in frustration. Hot bath.

Better now. Megan calls and says she will stop over to help push four-wheeler into garage.

Look out window.

A skidsteer! Sweet! Neighbor who I haven’t EVER talked to in the almost-3 years I have lived here SAVED ME!


Go outside to thank him. He says, “You looked pretty screwed!”

Yes, yes I was screwed. In a big way.

Megan pulls up.


The three of us push the four-wheeler into the garage.

Megan and I go inside to catch up. Ozzie jumps up. He can walk! His limbs aren’t falling off from the cold!

Happy Day. So thankful for good people.

P.S. I put in my request for a transfer to warmer location. Now I just need my husband to sign-off on it.


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  • ~Mendie~

    Glad you saved Ozzie…and didn't get frostbit in the process. But I have to admit, that I find it humorous that you live in the Tundra and don't own a shovel…how'd that happen??

  • Sandi

    Holy Crap! I don't miss that at all. I am so sorry and I hope that you can transfer somewhere warm.

  • keli.h

    I really really really cannot imagine. Really.

    I take our climate for granted, that's for sure. *hugs*

  • Heather D

    Ozzie is the cutest! OMG. Glad you saved him!

  • Cathy

    What a day and to think your kids had school.. we had about 6 inches and they cancelled school.. we here in O HI OOOO {southern} ain't used to that SHIT!!!! I hope Ozzie is okay.. I have some snow pics up..nothing like yours.

  • Karena

    Great story! I, too, am puzzled how you cannot have a snow shovel?? Also, love the kindness of your neighbor. That would have brought me to tears.

    Hope tomorrow is a better one!

  • Bacardi Mama

    So glad you saved Ozzie because he is too cute.

  • Alex

    Your doggies name is Ozzie so I'm pretty sure that is a sign to come visit us Aussies…in Australia! We've been in the pool all day.

  • Suz

    So glad you saved your doggypup. Our little girl was hunting like a freak last night — apparently voles come out in large numbers when the banks of the creek are covered by snow?

    When you said "small garden-type thingy" I pictured a little handheld trowel. That would have been comical!

  • Brooke

    poor doggy!!

    and thank God for kind neighbors :)

  • the lewis 4

    You saved Ozzie! You are awesome!!!!

  • Shan

    Cmon, no decent shovel?? :) Glad you saved Ozzie. We had to perform a rescue mission a few years ago when our Boston Terrier got so cold that she just gave up and flopped onto her back. Her feet freeze up so bad in this cold she's hardly outside and she's limping. It's ridiculous. The good news? It's "supposed" to be warmer next week! Good luck on that transfer. 😉

  • imadramamama.wordpress.com

    Oh my goodness! How'd he get under the deck in the first place?? I'm glad everything worked out o.k.!

  • april

    Man. What a day.

  • Tiffany

    I DO NOT want to live near you. Unless, of course, you move HERE. But not there. Not ever.