10 Years!

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  • imadramamama

    Happy Anniversary!!

  • Mommy Mo

    I love the slide show- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  • Bacardi Mama

    I love the slide show. Happy Anniversary!

  • april

    Happy Anniversary!

  • Karena

    That was beautiful! Congrats to both of you!

  • Mindi

    I know this is a little late, but Happy Anniversary!! Love the pictures.

  • Brooke

    an entire decade. with one person. incredible!! :)

  • Krista

    Super cute – Happy Anniversary!

  • bernthis

    Wow, 10 years and STILL in love. That is when I knew it was done for me. I look forward to the day I can say Happy Ten years with someone else

  • Christie O.

    I loved this. i cried. xo happy anniversary!

  • Manic Mother

    Ten years is amazing! I can't wait to say the same!

  • ValleyGirl

    Awww, this is such a wonderful slideshow! You guys have been through a lot lately, but it's so great to see how much you love each other. Happy (belated) anniversary!

    (Hey, is your anniversary seriously on Valentine's Day? Ours is, too ~ it was 13 for us!!)