In My Head

*First off, my heart is with Beth, Brian, and their family today, as it marks two years since they lost their precious twin boys, James and Jake. This is one remarkable family, I can’t even begin to tell you just how amazing they are. Sending my love.

*Secondly, this also happens to be the day my best friend was born. Happy birthday, Megan! I love you so much and hope this year is WONDERFUL for you. You deserve it.


**I am now a contributor for WellnessDaily, a site where you can find oodles of information pertaining to exercise, weight loss, nutrition, and balance. Go check it out! They are also having a promotion right now and giving away a year’s worth of Jennie-O products and a one-year gym membership (valued at $1250)!

**My friend, Thea, is celebrating 3 years of blogging today and is giving away money. YES! MONEY! Click here to enter!

**I am going to Baltimore for Fitbloggin’ in a few weeks! I am so excited! I used to name a price for a plane ticket and got it cheap, but unfortunately, I will get there late Friday and leave early Sunday. Not much time to hang out, but I can’t wait to meet everyone, nonetheless.

**The twins have their first-ever wrestling tournament tonight. They have practiced a total of 4 days, so it should be pretty interesting. Overheard while we were driving yesterday, “We need to go work out when we get home!” And they did. Yes, they use my home gym more than I do.

**I’m only $170 away from reaching my halfway point in fundraising for my Team in Training adventure! Help a girl out? As a team, we have already raised more than $11,000!

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  • ~Mendie~

    That is awesome about FitBloggin! Great job getting your ticket so reasonable!

  • the lewis 4

    Love that you were able to get to #fitbloggin so reasonably. Totally bummed I won't be there. Stupid asshole ex-husband.

    Terrific job on being so close to the half-way mark for TNT! LOVE!

    And kudos on the new gig as a contributor @ Wellness Daily!


  • AnnG

    So great to hear that things are starting to go so well for you! You are gonna have a great time at FitBloggin! Hope the twins do well in their match!!

  • Alex

    Hi, can I throw in $10? It's my birthday and I like presents (to receive or give I don't care!)