I’ve been training hard for this little 1/2 marathon in June. Training hard and fundraising hard. I haven’t decided which part is more difficult yet.

I have learned that it takes thick skin to ask people for donations for a cause. I try not to take things personally, but sometimes my feelings get hurt anyway.

I have learned that donations come from surprising places. My largest donation has come from a friend that I have never met, all the way from Belgium! I’ve had donations from high school friends that I haven’t seen in 14 years. Even a donation from Australia. So many donations from my Sisters. I get teary every time. I tell myself not to take offense that some of the people closest to me haven’t offered a word of encouragement.

I have learned that the greatest obstacle keeping me from running is me. I talk myself out of it and tell myself that I can’t go on any longer. So I don’t. Why do I do that? I proved to myself that I CAN do it. I just had to go all the way to Baltimore and have 3 friends-I-had-never-met-before with me. And today, I saw progress in my (barely)running.

I have learned that everyone has a story worth telling.

I have learned that there are amazing people who will go ABOVE and BEYOND for a worthwhile cause.

I have learned that the right song playing on my iPod can make or break me. Dolly can save me in my weakest moment.

I have learned that supportive people can make all the difference. I’m fortunate to have many of them in my life.

The training is hard. The fundraising is hard. But I’m doing it, and it’s SO worth it. 

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  • Anna

    You're doing an amazing job! I can't relate with the training since I've never done that before but have done fundraising for Williams Syndrome and it always surprised me as to who makes the donations.

  • Bacardi Mama

    You are doing it hooker and I am so proud of you. You've probably just talked me into another donation.

  • Crooked Eyebrow

    i am so proud of you!

  • shelli

    I promise to donate soon. If I had $ now I would right now! You are inspiring me every day! I have never attempted to run for fitness but seeing the good that you are doing for others makes me want to!

  • Nadine

    it finally dawned on me one day that those closest too me saw my fitness as a 'phase' something that would fade or pass, and as I have moved forward it has been something I really celebrate, alone, or with those who really understand what it means to be able to run…when I literally COULDN'T before. You are doing SO well, and what you have accomplished is wonderful! Its not that they haven't said anything, its that you've rendered them speechless :-)

  • Jen

    It *is* hard, but if anyone can do it, you can! And you're totally right about the right song getting you through.

    I call "Piece of Me" by Britney Spears my Mile 7 song. 'cause I always poop out then, and it's so empowering to tell that road, "you wanna piece of me?"

  • Shawn

    You are a true inspiration! Way to go!

  • Heather

    I love this. That whole mind-body connection thing is pretty amazing, huh? How we can defeat ourselves with negative thoughts or frustration and how songs and brave thoughts can keep us going.

    I love it. I think you ROCK.

  • keli.h

    you are awesome and i am so so proud of you!!! i'm saving my pennies here and there to donate to all of you – i will get something together very soon!! xoxo