To Schefield and Back.

Sunday was my LAST double-digit run before race day, can you believe it?? It was also the FIRST double-digit run that I had nice weather for!

First mile: Tough. This workout was coming after a night where I had several beers and not much sleep. The lack of sleep was not due to my beers, but rather to a MOUSE party in my bed at my Dad’s house where we were staying. Yeah. I slept on the little loveseat. Can you say uncomfortable?

Miles 1-3: Fabulous. For the first time, I think I had 13-minute miles! (Yes, that is good for me.) This was my path through my Dad’s land. It was awesome.

Mile 3: Crap. A river runs through it.

Jump, Lissa, JUMP! (It was wider than it looks in the photo. I swear.)

Duck, Lissa, DUCK!

Miles 4-5: Uneventful. Back on the dirt road.

Mile 5:  Those bitch-ass cows. I put on my brave face, but then they start to look angry at me. I call my Dad. No answer. I call my husband. No answer. Shit. I barely escape alive.

Mile 6.5: Out of drinking water. Thirsty. Tired.

Mile 7-8: Schefield, ND. I don’t think it’s really a town anymore. They even took the green sign with the town name down. Population -5.

Mile 8.5: Hubby redeems himself as he and the kids bring me water and sunblock. Unfortunately, the sunblock was a tad bit late and I have some SWEET tan/burn lines.

Mile 11: Nancy and my Dad drive by and cheer me on.

Mile 11.8: I reach the bunkhouse. Damn, I really want that lemonade Nancy brought me. Instead, I yell for my husband to follow me on the 4-wheeler and head back down the road.

12 miles! Woot! Collapse onto the 4-wheeler and get a ride back to the bunkhouse.

Hot stuff, no? HAH!

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  • Bacardi Mama

    Way to go hooker! I'm proud of you.

  • imadramamama

    Hot stuff indeed! Woohoo!

  • Heather D

    You are hot stuff! Love the shirt, love the run, love you!

  • jen

    you are seriously awesome!!! and very sexy in your post run pic!! I am so proud of you, hooker. You CAN do this and you are doing it. Keep it up!

    xoxo, Jen

  • ~Mendie~

    awesome! you are hot in every sense of the word!

  • Audrey

    Totally hot! Love the shirt. :)

  • Mindi

    Great job Melissa!!! I love reading your mile-to-mile posts. You are ready for your race for sure! I hope you sleep better then night before though:)