North Dakota can be pretty. In the summer.

My husband’s been away at work for over three weeks. We kind of miss him around here.

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  • keli @ kidnapped by suburbia


  • AnnG

    Great pictures!! They are amazing!!

  • Shawn

    Beautiful pictures.

    Sorry you're missing your hubby, hopefully you'll be seeing him soon!

  • The Simple Jocabell Life

    My hubby used to work in the oil fields…. He worked for his company for 5 years. Up until the last two they did alot of drilling around home, until they discovered the Marcelles shale. Then all work around home seemed to end, so he decided to go out where they were drilling about 4 hours away. He was gone for weeks at a time then home for a day or if we were lucky 2 days. He did this for 2 years, then the company that he was working for decided to really screw with all the guys that went out there and he decided that it was time to move on. Our youngest daughter only new him to talk with on the phone.

    It's a hard life…I feel your pain. You have to be a stong woman to be an oil field wife and every day you may stuggle, but that is another day that you grow stonger….