rig life [giveaway]


**Update: Winner is Tirah!**

My husband is gone. A lot. We often drive to wherever he happens to be working and stay on location with him. We stay in a “shack”. They usually consist of a bedroom or two (we get really excited when it’s a 2-bedroom WITH bunk beds), a bathroom with washer and dryer, kitchen (again, excitement bubbles over when there is a dishwasher), living/dining area and an office for the husband. It has cable TV and (slooow) internet.

It’s kind of like a mini-vacation. I don’t really have to cook or clean, I do all our laundry before we leave so I don’t take home dirty clothes, and I get to catch up on my reading.

photo by Ashton

We come up with imaginative things to do (last weekend, we threw socks at each other and whoever missed the most times lost). We draw, play cards, and have Monopoly marathons (which I never win). We are game junkies.

I recently received the Cranium game Scribblish and figured what better time to break it out then at the rig.



The game is played by each person writing down a caption off their card, then drawing a picture to go along with it. The scrolls are mixed up, then each player gets a different one, looks at the drawing, and then writes their own caption and drawing based on that. This continues for four turns. At the end, you look at the last drawing on each scroll and try to guess which one was yours originally.

The twins are 7 and the recommended age is 8+, but they enjoyed it nonetheless. We did end up with a lot of “poop” and “fart” drawings, though. Imagine that. Boys.


Today, I have one Scribblish game to give away to one of you! To enter, just comment below telling me what your favorite game is!

Contest will run through Tuesday, November 18th at 11:59 p.m. Central. Winner will be randomly chosen and announced the following day. Good luck!

Disclosure: The Scribblish game, product information and additional game to give away were all given to you by Hasbro through MyBlogSpark.

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  • Kirsten

    I wish we played games more, but we don't have a lot of age-friendly games for the older two and I'm so over Chutes and Ladders and Candy Land. So an addition to our meager collection would be great.

    I do enjoy Yahtzee and Wooville-opoly is always fun.

  • Mindi

    Mille Bornes and Cranium!

  • Kim

    rummicub is fun w/a sober group but w/our boating group we like to play mad gab or battle of the sexes.

    & if I win this I am putting it in our goodies for our 'adopted family' for Toys for Christmas as their kids are 12, 9 & 7. If I don't win I will definatly consider buying it for them! thanks for the review!!

  • imadramamama

    We try to Family Game Night once a week, and lately it's been Zingo and Blokus.

  • Stillmary

    Catch Phrase for all ages!

  • Laura P

    My favorites are Rummikub, Milles Bornes, Mexican Train and Sorry.

  • Bacardi Mama

    I love Scrabble and Yatzee.

  • Lisa

    UNO attack and killer bunnies.

  • Midwest Mommy

    With the kids memory. With the husband Catan or Dominion.

  • Brooke

    cranium is a family favorite. but the mutant is partial to scene-it sports. mostly because he wins every time.

  • The Doll

    We love playing Phase 10 and Skipbo. When the little kids are involved it's always Disney Scene It.

  • runnin_mama2_4

    Love the old classic pictionary!

  • Mendie

    I'm a huge fan of scrabble! love me some scrabble!