where, oh where

 has all my time gone?

Things have just been crazy around here lately. It’s been winter for months. We have lots of snow. We are 8 days away from Christmas. Usually, I am frazzled and hurried this time of year, but this year it seems as though I have a relative calm about me. Taking it all in?

We have made it through the big Christmas dance show, the school Christmas shows, and snowstorms.





I went to Carrie Underwood with Erin, our Daughters, and our Moms.


And then we had a giant sleepover at my house. Who knew that Erin and I would have both received footed sock monkey pajamas for Christmas in years past??


Averie and I held an optical fashion show and are sporting some fabulous new specs that we probably will not wear all the time.

 I have avoided Christmas baking so that I wouldn’t be tempted yet and have lost over 10 lbs since a month ago! Wish me luck – I plan on warming up the oven this weekend.

I have started (not finished) moving my office to the main floor, so that a certain child who needs a bit more supervision can have a bedroom on the second floor.

We have spent weekends at the rig and enjoyed Justin being on days off. Now he is back to work and preparing for our rig Christmas.




I am number one in my fantasy football league. I just like saying that. I’m in it for the win. Or to beat my husband, either one is fine by me.

Life has been pretty full, but it’s all good.


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  • Brooke

    look at all those books in the floor!! (i big puffy heart books)i'm more jealous of those than all your snow (although i wish we could have a big ole play outside snow!)