the super-sized random post


Instead of telling myself, “tomorrow” and then never finding the time that I thought I would have, I’ve decided to forgo the 10 million blog posts that have been swimming in my head and just get it all out there. I can then have a nice, deep breath and a clean slate, right? Okay, good.

*I have been having lots of trouble sleeping the last few months. I wake up ALL.NIGHT.LONG. Either I am heading to the bathroom to pee, tossing and turning and cracking my bones, or having crazy dreams. Apparently, I have also turned into a sleep-kicker. I kicked my husband last night. Not the scoot-over-you’re-too-close-and-obnoxious-type of kick. A real kick in his shin. He woke up and asked me what the hell I was doing. Duh. Al Roker was biting my foot and I was kicking him off.


*Speaking of disturbing nighttime activities, one of  my kids slept-walk last week. Scared the crap out of me. He was standing next to my side of the bed talking gibberish. Freaky.


*Did I ever mention our trip to Colorado at the beginning of the year? It was awesome and sunny and warmish, until our 2nd day there, then of course it got REALLY cold and we had blizzard conditions. We enjoyed the scenery, scoped out some houses (none of which we liked), visited the Denver Science Museum, and Averie and I got to take delight in Denver’s shopping malls. I had coffee on morning with one of my best friends from college. We drove down to Colorado Springs and spent the night with a friend of ours and had an intensely competitive game of PIG. Do not try this at home, unless you are wearing a sweet helmet.





*Our oldest kid turned 14. Yikes.

*Justin and I turned 32. Double Yikes.

*Our family spent New Year’s with the Rosten family. We should really be on America’s Got Talent. Really.





*I’m going to begin training for the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 marathon again in the next few weeks. I am organizing a team of people to join me, too! That means YOU! We are going to be raising money for charity: water, will have an awesome coach for support and a custom training plan, and most of all, it will be FUN! You know, other than the walking or running 13.1 miles.

team: shrinking jeans

Where did January go? What have you been up to?


  • Heather

    I love your camo shirt.
    And my husband sleepwalks. Talk about freaky. I really hope George doesn’t start.
    What have I been up to? Gestating. I think you should do the same 😉

    • Lissa_ShrinkingJeans

      Maybe soon. ;p J-Dogg has the big appointment in a month!

  • Anonymous

    Love your pictures!! You guys are a great, fun, crazy family!! LOVE IT!! You have had a great month….and don’t sweat turning 32….you are still A BABY to me!!

    • Lissa_ShrinkingJeans

      Crazy is right. HAH!

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  • Kirsten

    Smooches, girl. Miss you and your crazy pictures.

  • Anonymous

    Loved this post! I can’t imagine having a 14 yr old. (OMG) Yes, Denver is GORGEOUS! (As are you.) :o)

  • Megan

    SWEET photos:)

  • Lisa

    OMFG- I love the pics of you. You are H-A-W-T!!!!

  • Thea

    I have so missed your crazy ass pictures. And you know, I’ve actually missed YOU.

    January for me? Meh. Nothing special.

    • Lissa_ShrinkingJeans

      Missed you too, jerk!

  • Anonymous

    K talks in her sleep. Freaks me the heck out.

    The red wig? Priceless!

  • Anonymous

    You’re a riot, what a fun January!

  • Christy_TheSistherhood

    AWESOME!! I miss your skank ass so much. Please just suck it up and move to Texas!! Like now.

  • Mindpark

    I must know what this game of PIG is?? The pictures look crazy. I hope you find a way to sleep better and not so violent:) Good luck on training for San Diego! Wish I could do it with you.

    • Lissa_ShrinkingJeans

      Mindy, you REALLY SHOULD join me. For real. How fun would that be? You could run it twice and still beat me to the finish. ;p

      PIG- The old basketball game where you take turns making different shots… if one person makes it, the other people have to do the same thing. If they miss, they get a “P”… if you spell PIG you are out. We were doing all sorts of crazy tricks. On an exercise ball, doing somersaults, sweet jumps and high-kicks… HAH!