conversation: the children


the kids were all gathered around the piano (keyboard) this afternoon and somehow they came upon the subject of children and how many they would have when they get older. you know, because it always works out this way.

Kane will have four.

Ashton will have three.

Averie will have four or five.

Bridger? he will have ten. said with a straight face, completely serious, not blinking an eye as if this was anything out of the ordinary. he decided he will only be comfortable if he has at least that many, and that he will adopt many from Africa. also? he will have a dog or cat for every two children.

be still, my heart.

to think that these little children came from a woman who had once thought she would never want ANY kids. how i love these little people.

  • Trish

    OMGosh how super duper sweet! You are raising some great kiddos!

  • Laura P

    That is so awesome. Love how Bridger explains his though process behind having 10 and even going further to say that he will adopt (specifically) from Africa.

  • Christie O.

    ohmigod he’s so adorable he makes my heart sing. seriously, he’s an amazing little man. he’s going to do great things in this world and already has. You have a great bunch there, girlie!

  • Anonymous

    Wow!! You are gonna have a huge passel of grandkids to spoil, girl!! Better have a big house and lots of land so those grands can come spend some quality time with their wonderful g-parents!

  • Life with Kaishon

    Awwwww. How perfectly sensational. 10 children. And 2 pets per kid. I know his house is going to be TONS and tons of fun! : )

  • Heather


  • Kirsten

    So I tried to do this on my phone and Disqus wouldn’t let me.

    I love this so much. Because it is telling that even though they sometimes fight like cats and dogs, they love each and can’t imagine having life without multiple siblings, so they want the same for their kids.

    Love you and them.

    • Lissa_ShrinkingJeans

      I love it, too.

      What does it say about me that I never wanted any kids? ;p

  • Anonymous

    So cute! Better start saving your money now-that’s a lot of grandkids to buy presents for :)

  • Anonymous

    So cute! Isn’t it amazing what they come up with!?!? Awww to be innocent and have no clue about the realities of life and all of the complications involved!

  • Anonymous

    That is so awesome!