tales from the rig

We are staying with the Jdogg at work for the long weekend… I might mention that he has had very, very few days off since early January. He is one hard-working man these days. Do you ever wonder if the old saying that girls marry men like their fathers is true? It does seem so in my case. My Dad and husband are a lot alike and both work super hard.

Jdogg was up all night working, you know, like running a liner and doing stuff that I just don’t understand (I often find myself just nodding my head while it goes in one ear and out the other, but shhhh…) and never did make it to bed. Poor guy. I stumbled out of the one bedroom in our luxury accommodations, brushed my teeth, and headed straight for the coffeemaker. Ground the beans, poured in the water, and VOILA! nothing. nothing. still nothing. OMG. No coffee at the rig? dis-as-ter. After a mild panic attack and some quick thinking, I found the awesome-never-opened coffee press that I had proudly bought my hubby for Christmas. Enter a boiling pot of water, a funnel, and everything was just perfect once again.

As I sat and sipped on my heavenly coffee and browsed the latest happenings with my friends on Facebook, someone entered through the office door. He yelled, “hello?” and I my standard reply when my husband is not in the shack, “I think he’s up on the floor!” So, the guy says, “Excuse me,” which I thought meant sorry for bothering you, and then he peeked his head into our living area. HELLO?? We are sitting here in our pajamas and he poked his head (bundled up to his eyeballs) in to ask where the restrooms are? My husband would have flipped the hell out had he been in the room. That is just something you don’t do in the company man’s shack. Call it oilfield etiquette or what you will, but there are just certain things that are “unacceptable”. Luckily for the poor man, I am far more cool-headed than my partner and informed him that, yes, there are port-a-potties outside (i think) in a location unbeknown to me.

We also have the great end-of-the-hole water dilemma. There is a certain amount of water that each shack gets, as they share a tank with the neighbor shack. When the well is done drilling, trucks come in and move everything to the next location. Any unused water has to get drained out before the move. It costs a shit-ton of money for each load of water, so when you get close to the end of the well, no new water will be ordered if you run out. Probably not the best time for your wife, the four kids, and the dog to come visit, right? We are trying to conserve as much as possible, so that we have enough to last. Having six people in a small shack with a toilet that can’t flush and no showers isn’t my idea of fun. I don’t think my husband particularly enjoys it, either. Last time we were out here, we had the great Poopocalypse. Frozen water pipes = no water. We filled the toilet tank a few times with our drinking water jugs, and then it happened. I couldn’t help it. I plugged the toilet. I couldn’t hold it any longer. “Um, honey? We have a problem.” I took the kids and bolted back to Bismarck after that one.

You may be wondering why the hell we would ever want to stay out here? Have I mentioned that the internet sucks and has the speed of dial-up circa 1992? Honestly? We truly enjoy it, aside from a few choice days. We hang out, play board games, cards, video games, watch movies, draw, read, and do all the things we don’t often have time for at home! This morning I french-braided Averie’s hair and painted her fingernails. Yesterday, I sewed the arm back on Bridger’s penguin. He has been awaiting the surgery for approximately 87 days. I may or may not have done some nose-hair grooming. I don’t cook extravagant meals, and aside from some laundry, do hardly any cleaning. (heaven) Besides, where else other than WalMart can you wear comfy sweats and a hoodie and feel overdressed?

  • http://nothingbutchatter.blogspot.com/ kiminia

    sounds *mostly* great :) I would struggle w/the water issues but the slowing down of life sounds GREAT!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey at least you are comfy, right?? Hope you have a great time hanging out and relaxing!!

  • http://thesassymama.blogspot.com Heather

    Sounds like a good time to me! Especially the minimal cleaning!

  • http://twitter.com/gettinfitbritt Brittany

    Ya’ll are soooo cute! Oh em gee. Must get to #Fitbloggin!

  • Lisa

    Rig life doesn’t sound so bad…..IJS. Now stop clogging the toilet.

  • http://imadramamama.wordpress.com/ Thea

    Poopocalypse. Based made up word ever.

  • http://tramm-isms.blogspot.com sara@domesticallychallenged

    While I am not sure I’d survive, i do agree that the few days “off” would sound nice now and again!