you capture… cold.


The theme this week for You Capture is cold. I live in North Dakota. I got this.




My dog loves the outdoors, even snow.





Except for when it’s 30 below zero. Then I have to force him to go out. Only he won’t leave the deck.


And these two going out in the cold? Don’t even think about it.



I hear ya on that one, girls.

Is winter over yet?

  • Kirsten

    Usually I’d have cold too, but it hasn’t been here lately. And it’s making me a little sad. But I don’t want *your* winter. That’s too much.

    • Lissa_ShrinkingJeans

      Are you sure? Because I will let you have it. No, really. TAKE IT.

      • LaughingLady (ValleyGirl)

        Nuts, you’ve got dibs. I was gonna offer her MY winter. Hey, wanna go halfers?

  • LaughingLady (ValleyGirl)

    Great pictures, Lissa! Your shots always have such crystal clear focus and great emotion.

  • Sheri

    Love the truck in the snow! And check out how much fun those dogs are having! (

  • Oldnicholsfarm

    Now really, North Dakota, huh? I thought I was the only one! How come I’ve never run across your blog before? I’m shivering down here near Jamestown.

    • Lissa_ShrinkingJeans

      Jamestown? Really! I rarely find other ND’ers! :) What’s your blog address?

  • Anonymous

    Amen, sister!! and it’s not even close to that cold here, but I am sooooo over winter! Tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day and I hope I get to enjoy some of it!! Hopefully, winter will end soon for you, too!

  • Brittany

    Oh woman, so much snow!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Just proves cats are smarter than dogs :) I’m with the cats on the 30 below. BRRRRR

  • Spiffytiffy3

    I love dogs and snow. My dogs have a ball in the snow. Of course, we have much, MUCH less snow here than you do…

  • Anonymous

    it looks really cold there

  • Anonymous

    it looks really cold there