because i can’t look away.

we all know charlie sheen is a total moron. right? he makes for fascinating coverage, because, hello?! is he for real? his magnitude of narcissism is mind-blowing.

i’ve spent the afternoon rolling my eyes and designing these awesome tees for you. yes, you. over there in the corner. the one who is made of win and whose veins pump tiger blood.

and we can’t forget the custom ringtone, can we? because while everyone else’s phone is ringing, yours is WINNING.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Allyson Lyon


  • mrsalexhad

    He is a WINNER!

  • Christie O.

    i love it!!!

  • Sandi Campbell Gibbons

    Sweet! I totally want the ringtone, because I too am WINNING!

  • Anonymous