eight things


eight random things:

*i super-duper hate when people call and don’t get an answer, so they keep calling. it puts me in an instant bad mood. my husband does this to me just to push my buttons and then laughs when i call and yell and cuss.

*i don’t like plucking my eyebrows. and, boy, do i have eyebrows. i would try waxing, but i’m scared.

*i dream of going on humanitarian adventures. i would love to take my family and show my kids the world through compassion and hands-on projects.

*i have always had a strong dislike for shrimp, but now i find myself buying these and putting them on salads. ohmyYUM!

*i never thought i would love a vehicle more than my subaru. but i do. his name is wally and he is a ford.

*remember this incident? well, we still haven’t replace it and you should see how low it droops in the middle. so not safe. also? we only had four chairs with it and have been using two folding chairs to fit our whole family. it just screams white trash.

*a few months ago when my boy was busy raising money for a well for clean water, we received the book Clean Water for Elirose. it’s a cute book about young kids who set out to help when they learn that a girl their age doesn’t have clean water to drink. it would make a great gift for younger kids, as well as a great addition to your kids’ teacher’s collections!

*i’ve been looking for a way to get rid of some old {ancient} computers that are taking up space in our home, i think this may be the way to go!

  • http://twitter.com/girlsworld Kirsten

    Keeping that table with folding chairs definitely makes you white trash. It’s good I’m okay with you being white trash. :)

  • http://imadramamama.wordpress.com/ Thea

    If I can get waxed, you can get waxed.

  • http://smartstrongsexy.blogspot.com Brooke F

    waxing is the devil. stick with plucking.

    my inlaws and hubby do the call back a million times thing. grr!

  • http://tumblr.tryingtofollow.com ariahfine

    Thanks for highlighting Clean Water for Elirose!

  • http://twitter.com/gettinfitbritt Brittany

    Be careful with the waxing…. one time i did it at home, and almost waxed ALL of my eyebrows off! Yikkkkkes! Super curly hair with no eyebrows?! That would have been interesting, fa sho!

  • Donnamadonna

    try threading your eyebrows- waxing hurts so much more and threading isn’t that bad and you only have to go every 2-3 weeks! it’s 6 bucks a pop in nyc so i can’t imagine it’s too bad by you!