meet the andersons {team: bunkhouse}

we are the anderson family. a bit dysfunctional, a pinch of crazy, but filled with love.

our little man, Bridger, rocked his campaign for clean water over Christmas. his grand total? $5,622. {thank you} our entire family has grown to admire and love the mission of charity: water. because of them, the people who believe in their work, and those of you who give your money to make these miracles happen, villages in developing nations can say good-bye to their dirty, unsafe, bacteria-ridden water and have a new chance at life. with our donations, these families are given access to clean water and educated on the importance of hygiene and adequate sanitation.

this spring, our family is running for water. we are making our own course at our most favorite of places {the bunkhouse}. mom and dad are doing a half-marathon {13.1 miles} and babes are doing a 5k {3.1 miles}. june 12th is the day.


meet the family:

this is Melissa. she enjoys seeing the world, capturing it with her camera and dreams of brightening the world through humanitarian missions. she spends a lot of her time on her four lovely children, and loves to watch her community {the sisterhood of the shrinking jeans} grow and inspire. sunshine makes her happy. she’s not a runner, but loves trying to {sort of} run for a good cause.

this is Justin. when he is not busy rockin’ the bakken and working hard for his family, he enjoys riding around and doing crazy tricks {giving his wife a heart attack} on his beast of a 4-wheeler. he surprised the wife when he agreed to do this little project with her. she’s a little jealous that he can not run for years and then just get out there and his legs go and go.

here we have Kane. he’s busy being a teenager {and all the perks that go along with teenage-dom}. he enjoys following in his father’s footsteps and likes things that go fast or shoot and football. he plans to smoke us during our race.

say hello to Averie. she is our little girl who isn’t so little anymore. when she isn’t dancing, you can find her texting, talking on the phone, daydreaming about boys and shopping. she was a bit slow to agree to this whole idea, because, hello, her legs will hurt. luckily, she is being a good sport and joining us on this adventure.

next we have Ashton. he is one of our twins and he likes counting things, golf, money and puffins. he gave his brother many allowances during his clean water for Christmas campaign. he has a heart of gold and is one funny guy. this will be his third 5k!

last, but not least, is Bridger. our other twin, he inspired us all by opening his heart and giving up his Christmas presents in hopes of helping children in Africa. when he is not busy trying to change the world, he enjoys creating lego masterpieces, drawing, soccer, and space. he completed his first 5k last summer {and beat me}.

i hope you will follow along with us for the next three months as we put our hearts and souls into training and fundraising. we are very excited and blessed to have this opportunity to help raise awareness {and money} for this great cause.

we’re a little excited, can you tell?

with your help and a little of this:

we can make this:

turn into this: here to donate.

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  • Anonymous

    I think this is one of the coolest things I have ever seen a family do!! You guys are sooooo gonna rock this!! Can’t wait to hear how much money your family can raise for this!!

    • Lissa_ShrinkingJeans

      thanks so much, ann! we are very excited!

  • love


    • Lissa_ShrinkingJeans



  • Anonymous

    Your children are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

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  • Brooke F

    you’re collecting moonshine for the people of the world? 😉 j/k your family rawks!!

  • Thea

    You are unbelievably awesome.

    And Kane’s face in the bad water picture is perfect.