still kicking.


sometimes life just punches you in the gut and knocks the air out of you.

we’ve been feeling that.

it hurts.

so bad.

but along with the bad times {bad people}, is a reminder of how lucky we are to have the good times {and good people}.

we are lucky.


and strong.

and we’ll keep on kickin’.

  • ladybugs714

    sorry the bad people got to you, glad i am one of the good people sending you a hug when you need it most!

    • Lissa_ShrinkingJeans

      thanks, girl! xoxo

  • Kristin__OneCrazyMamaof4

    sorry to hear that your life has been affected by bad/negative people. love ya girl

    • Lissa_ShrinkingJeans

      thanks, girl!!

  • Heather

    Keep your chin up. Xo

    • Lissa_ShrinkingJeans


  • Nancy

    Sorry things aren’t going so great right now. Hope I’m one of the good people in your life. Sending hugs and good thoughts.

    • Lissa_ShrinkingJeans

      of course you are! xo

  • Anonymous

    Hugs to you!! Sorry life (people) is treating you so sucky!! Hope things get better soon!!

    • Lissa_ShrinkingJeans

      thanks, chica!

  • Anonymous

    i’m sorry, lissa. hope the negatives make room for the positives very soon!! xo

    • Lissa_ShrinkingJeans


  • Jen

    We will keep on kicking, that’s for sure.

    • Lissa_ShrinkingJeans

      That’s the spirit! :)