mish-mash super smash.

hello there, lovely blog, it’s been awhile!

where has april gone? time is going at super-speed lately!

i got an iphone and i am completely in love with instagram. it’s also free, so i love it that much more!

my husband had a vasectomy reversal last month. yup. i wasn’t going to say anything publicly, because their were a couple people we didn’t want to know. turns out the people we didn’t want to know found out anyway, so now i can just announce it to the world.

it’s been snowing. a lot. and cold. so un-springlike. i was having a good hair day yesterday, then i went outside.

but today, thankfully, it is a bit warmer.

we had a bout of strep this week.

i got a new tattoo {for Cyndee}.

and an older tattoo revived a bit.

what’s new with you?!

  • Anonymous

    I keep trying to talk my husband into a reversal but it isn’t working. Hopefully soon he’ll see it my way :)

    Your new tattoo is beautiful!

    • http://www.whereverimaywander.com Lissa_ShrinkingJeans

      I was really surprised when he said he would do it. He is kind of a wuss when it come to those things. The whole experience was just crazy, but that’s whole ‘nother blog post! :)

  • Anonymous

    Great pictures!! Love your tats!

  • http://twitter.com/TrishB Trish

    Love your tattoos! I have always wanted one, but I am chicken :)

    • http://www.whereverimaywander.com Lissa_ShrinkingJeans

      Go for it! Not bad at all, except for the one on the side of my foot! :)

  • Alicejane33

    So excited for you and the vasectomy reversal! :) Good luck and I hope you are blessed soon!