the much-needed breath of fresh air.

I left Bismarck feeling overwhelmed and a bit nervous.

And landed in Baltimore feeling airy and light.

I was in the company of these two girls before I even left the airport!

The weekend was filled with friendship, fun, oh, and some learning!

I ran 13.18 miles along the inner harbor Friday morning. YES! For real! I was planning on 12, surprised myself by even doing that, then said, SCREW IT! I’m doing a half-marathon!

I had an awesome time and wow, my friends are fabulous.

Thanks to CLICK for sponsoring me for this event! It was amazing and wonderful to work with a company who makes products I enjoy so much!

I could use more donations to my campaign {i’m running another 13.1 in 2 weeks!}, can you help?

Apologies for the iPhone photos… I didn’t lug around my real camera much this weekend! :)

  • Anonymous

    Have I told you lately how awesome I think you are?? If not, YOU ARE AWESOME!!! So proud of you!! The joy on your face in most every picture I have seen of you from this weekend just says it all!!

  • kiminia

    ahhh!! what a dreamy weekend!! thanks for sharing!! :)

  • Trish

    Thank you for sharing so much during fitbloggin on twitter. I felt connected to my SJ family through all the tweets & pictures. You rock and you are very special! xoxo

  • Nancy

    May I just say “ditto” Ann?  Yes, you are awesome and beautiful and then some.