fighting the flood

My city looks like a war-zone right now.

Dump trucks filled with clay and sand, semis with trailers of sandbags, National Guard servicemen and women at every intersection.


The enemy?

The Missouri River.



I am amazed and proud to see the community pull together in the flood-fighting efforts.


Yesterday at Sandbag Central, our “station” consisted of an elderly couple in their seventies, my husband and I with kids {ages 11, 7, and 7}, and another mother with her three young boys.

My kids didn’t complain {much}, even when I accidentally threw a whole shovelful of sand into Bridger’s face. He simply rinsed, spat, and went on with his designated job.



From the very young to the very old, everyone is stepping in and contributing in whatever ways they can. Go, Bismarck, GO! *insert fist-pump*

Please keep our city in your thoughts and prayers as the water begins to rise.


  • Anonymous

    That’s very scary. I will be praying for you and others int hat area. I’m assuming this is because of all the snow you guys had this winter??

    • Lissa_ShrinkingJeans

      It’s because of the snow melt in MT as well as way-above-average
      precipitation this spring.

      I am lucky, my house won’t be affected, but I know many who risk the
      possibility of losing theirs. I know how devastating that can be, I lost
      everything from my childhood from house fires. Twice.

  • Heather

    Scary. Stay safe, woman.

  • Laura P

    It’s nice to hear though that residents are coming out to help with the sandbagging rather than leaving it to the National Guard.  

    Mother Nature really isn’t messing around this year.  1st all that snow, now the flooding and tornadoes.

  • Brooke F

    you certainly have my prayers.

    look at you rockin those camo shorts – no wonder J thinks you’re hawt!!

  • LaughingLady

    Yeah, communities in the south-west corner of Manitoba look about the same.  I’d give anything for some drought conditions for the next 6-8 weeks!

  • Brittany

    You got it sista! I LOVE that picture of you with the kids :)

  • Nancy

    My prayers you have, for sure.  You have such an amazing family!

  • Jess

    I randomly saw the title of your blog post on someone’s blogroll and thought, “Maybe, just maybe… you’re in Bis”.  What a small small world.  I’m near Jamestown, grew up in Bis and have family there still.  What an unbelievable situation, it just boggles my mind to think that this is happening.   Now that the water has gone down here, the battle has only just begun for you all.  LOTS of prayers, and so much blessing to see the community come together like this.  You’re not alone!