my life with twins: sleeping arrangements

Hold on… let me remove the dust from my brain as I try and remember the earlier years. They went by in a blur. And I don’t think there was much sleeping going on.


My twins were horrible sleepers the first two years of their lives. One of them was always waking up, which means momma was often sleep-deprived. During the baby months, we were very tight on money. Our bedroom was downstairs, along with two bedrooms upstairs. We put one crib in the room downstairs with us for nighttime waking sleeping, and the other was upstairs in my daughter’s bedroom for napping during the day. This worked quite well for us at the time, and I think they enjoyed being close together.


Once the boys were toddlers, we decided to make the switch to separate cribs, in the hopes that they would let each other sleep. This involved moving our other two kids DOWNSTAIRS and us and the twins UPSTAIRS. We put the cribs in an “L” shape, which meant they could still be right next to each other and reach through the slats for their brother. This worked great for us! {or else I have just blocked it out}


We moved to Colorado when the boys were two, and it was toddler beds {right next to each other} for them. When we moved back to North Dakota, we gave the twins the option to room together or apart, and their answer has always been together. Today, they have bunkbeds, but on weekends and summer break, you can find them sharing one of the twin-sized beds. I am a bit jealous that they always have their best friend sleeping over. How lucky is that?


As for the future, we will continue to let them choose whether they share a room or separate. I giggle every time they tell me that they are going to live together forever, even with their wives and children. Those are going to have to be some pretty special women, considering Bridger says he is adopting 10 children from Africa.


  • Alicejane33

    Darling boys!

  • Pam Thompson

    Awwww, they were/are so adorable! That first year is such a blur, isn’t it! I’m just glad we took a bajillion photos! thanks for linking up!

  • Anonymous

    They are great boys! I have heard that most twins feel this way! Best of friends forever!

  • Anonymous

    I love that they are best friends. :)

  • Thea

    How awesome that they get along so well! I love that last picture, too!

  • Thea

    How awesome that they get along so well! I love that last picture, too!

  • Kristin @ Intrepid Murmurings

    Love all the pictures, as they grow.  I have just-turned 3 year olds and I am still fascinated with older twins — I am so curious how their relationship and identities will grow and change as they do!  

    My girls share a room as well and I can’t see that changing any time soon.  The “L” shaped crib arrangement worked well for us too! I spent many hours standing there patting and singing to them both at the same time, willing them to Go To Sleep.  Haha.   

  • ChariT on etsy

    Too cute! My babies are 1 and they sleep separately! Love the pix!


  • Karena @ Traveling Well

    Love the trip down memory lane! Makes me a little nesty, in fact. And love that they plan to live together forever!

  • Becky

    I absolutely love this post.  I have 4yr old twin boys.  They have 2 sets of bunk beds.  But they still sleep on the same one, both of the bottom bunk.

  • Toddler Beds Kids Would Love

    How I wish to have twin boys someday. I might be the luckiest mother in the world if I have them. I t’s pretty cool!!!