Roadtrips are the best!! We set out on Friday with no real plan, the best way to travel.

But before we left, we cashed in our coin jar for charity: water at the bank:

$76!! Right now, our total is $1,375 and there are a few HOURS left to donate!

We bought our lovely Skybox {coffin} for on top of Wally:

Beautiful, huh? The joys of traveling as a family of six.

Stop #1:

My favorite place! The bunkhouse!

We cruised around on The Crew and had a great time with my Dad and Nancy.


Next up, Deadwood!

We became millionaires and are now jetting across three continents to our next destination. Not really.

Bridger’s dream of going to Reptile Gardens finally came true:

And now, my husband is bitching at me for this 15 minutes I spent on the computer, so it’s time to get busy. Can’t have him all pissy when I have to spend the next 6 hours sitting next to him in the car.

  • Karena @ Traveling Well

    Sounds like you’re having a great time, pissy husbands not withstanding :) Miss you!

  • Nancy

    Have fun.  Wish I was there.  I’m dying to vacation out west someday.

  • Anonymous

    Have fun.  I’m thinking there will be no vacations for this family this year – the kids are too dang busy already.

  • Anonymous

    Have a great trip and enjoy the travels!!

  • LoveFitnessLaugh

    these pictures are awesome!