The week since last week’s instaFriday post started off a little rough. As much as my mind wanted to sit home and hide away, we packed up the kids and headed to Lake Tschida with some friends. I don’t know why we don’t do this more often, it was FUN!


Jdogg realized he had forgotten a sweatshirt shortly after we got out of town. We stopped at one of the only {super small} towns along the way and picked up this gem. ‘Twas the only sweatshirt to choose from, but it’s pretty much awesome.

And then we passed a bar called, “The Wet Spot”.

We fished {okay, I will admit that I make the boys put worms on my hook… ewwww!}:


We tubed {and I could really feel the affects of not working out all summer}.

Bridger and I were up at the crack of dawn the next morning and enjoyed a peaceful, lovely sunrise and some quiet fishing, even though we still didn’t catch a thing.



The rest of the week was spent doing house projects, school shopping, and finishing up the soccer season. Is summer really coming to an end??


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  • Jess

    Lake Tschida really is an awesome place.  We’ve made it tradition to be there over the 4th.  Always a great time!

  • Jennifer

    I’m visiting from Life Rearranged.  Love the pictures of the boys fishing…we love going fishing.