things you might see when downloading your children’s photos to your computer

You never know what you might find.

Maybe your child likes to take photos of YOU. These are surely photos you would want the world to see on Facebook or your blog.

And, of course, the gazillion self-portraits.

You might find strange photos of their siblings.

Oh my.

  • Anonymous

    Oh…that bloody mouth is gross! but gotta love the variety of pictures here! Love the picture of “grumpy, frumpy” Lissa! That’s one to remember, huh?!! Or how bout the one with your head wrapped in a towel, that one is priceless as well! Our boys would get along great, so you need to come down to Texas so they can hang out (um, or we can at least!)

  • Anonymous

    DUDE!!! Warn a girl before you post bloody tooth pics. SORE SUBJECT!

    Your kids are nuts. And awesome all rolled up into one.

  • Kristin__OneCrazyMamaof4

    Please oh please tell me that was a baby tooth coming out that caused that god awful bloody mess :) And I LOVE Averie being her rock star self :)

  • Anonymous

    These are completely awesome. :)